Get Moving And Keep Moving…And Socializing – Active Users Reports

Yammer- active users

There are athletes that run the extra mile, sweat until they’re dehydrated, reboot with some type of health drink, and actively and consistently contribute to their team’s triumphant wins and progress. This can be held true within any sport – and to some even chatting might be considering a form of exercise. So if your organization’s SharePoint Yammer environment can be viewed as a large playing field within which certain users are comparable to those hardcore athletes, investing all of their efforts in the use of Yammer as a means to elevate an organization’s victories, (otherwise known as achieve business goals), then why not find out how many of these star social athletes your SharePoint Yammer site contains?

CardioLog Analytics Yammer Active Users Report generates a report with either a chart widget or meter widget to give users the option to visualize data within either format. With CardioLog Analytics, you have both visual flexibility and concrete statistics, along with the most comprehensive and detailed insight on the active users within your SharePoint Yammer site. Evaluating how the number of active users grows over time within your SharePoint Yammer platform can provide an excellent indication of when and under which circumstances users are looking to use the Yammer platform to collaborate, share knowledge, acquire resources and interact socially.

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