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Smart marketers know that when customers like something on any social platform, be it a page, product, item or any post, its public image and relations takes a jump and there’s usually some kind of hype that starts to spread about these specific items. Positive feedback from the public can give a nice jolt to the popularity of any consumer good or even content item exposed to viewers, users and visitors of any website. Your SharePoint Yammer platform is no exception, and measuring the total number of likes your portal has acquired is simple with CardioLog Analytics Yammer Likes Report.

The bulk of your Yammer likes within your SharePoint portal are measured with either a meter or chart option, with the option to diversify the visualization of your data, all within one dashboard. Both widgets offer the facts on how many total likes your SharePoint Yammer platform carries, measured over time, with the time period options ranging from hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Find out how many thumbs up your company’s SharePoint Yammer site has collected, and learn more about its usefulness, accessibility as a high quality resource, and its caliber as a hub for social interaction, collaboration and engagement.

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