Participate And Pitch In Private – Total Private Groups Reports

Yammer- private groupsThere are specific groups that are slightly more discreet and or down low, within any community or social environment, be it within cities, countries, and even with your Yammer site that’s integrated into your organization’s SharePoint portal. If we speculate the importance of these private groups within Yammer, we can notably state that they may be secluded to specific users due to confidentiality reasons, sensitive information, and potentially to keep the collaboration limited to decision makers, significant contributors and the list and possibilities are endless.

CardioLog Analytics Yammer Total Private Groups report allows companies to analyze the total number of private groups registered within their SharePoint Yammer site, measuring these groups to learn more about how many private groups have developed within a specific time range. As our tool offers comprehensive preferences for each report, this number can also be filtered according to website item, users and groups, visitor segments and much more. Find out how many private groups are dominating your Yammer site to see the level of collaboration regarding discreet matters, information, decisions, business development and much more within your SharePoint Yammer platform.

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