There’s No “I” In Team Or In Yammer: Inactive Groups Report

Inactive Groups ReportEveryone was excited for the Yammer integration into SharePoint and talking about how much collaboration efforts will improve. Then they register, and form a group! Yes, a group to work out the business development of the next major project in your company’s marketing department. Everything sounds great, right?

Here’s the thing, it’s not about setting up an account in Yammer and forming groups. It’s about actively communicating, collaborating, and using the platform within your SharePoint environment to ultimately increase your overall portal, social and company collaboration. So how can you really figure out if the groups are forming and they’ve all been named with super snazzy titles, but no one’s really doing a thing in these Yammer groups? Easy.

Yammer Inactive Groups Reports tells you all you need to know about which groups in the platform are actively using the platform, if at all. Within a table widget, you can clearly see which groups have indeed been set up but are not using the platform at all. Then do your research, find out who the group members are, why the formed the group and why there’s no actual team huddle happening online to get things done.

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