Trending Everywhere – Is Yammer User Adoption The Latest Craze?

Yammer User Adoption report

Budgets dictate organizations’ abilities to purchase solutions and products, as well as which areas can be further invested in. SharePoint portals are generally well-calculated and allotted for within organizations, so user adoption, optimized ROI, and productivity justify the acquisition. Yammer, the leading social platform that is typically integrated into SharePoint platforms, is a helpful feature that can increase user engagement and enhance portal user adoption.

If your organization is making the effort to reach their success rates by integrating Yammer, then find out your Yammer User Adoption rates with the CardioLog Analytics Yammer User Adoption Rate Report and optimize productivity and usage. You can discover how many users you have registered on Yammer, and how many groups are growing in the Yammer community. With our other features, you can then go as far as seeing what kind of activity is happening, who’s creating it, and all of the central metrics to understand Yammer User Adoption.

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