Sometimes User Quantity Is Comparable To Quality – Total Users Reports

Yammer- Total usersWhen fans of a particular artist buy tickets for a concert, there’s always some a promotion beforehand that indicates the number of tickets sold, the number of attendees and so on. Wouldn’t you also want to know how many enthusiastic SharePoint Yammer users you have within your company’s platform? Our guess is that your answer is certainly yes. CardioLog Analytics offers a report to measure the total users of your SharePoint Yammer site, indicating the overall sum of users registered. This report is a collective statistical representation of the number of users, including active and inactive users (we also offer reports on active and inactive users separately).

In a meter widget, the CardioLog Analytics Yammer Total Users Report displays the volume of users registered for Yammer within your SharePoint site, with the ability to adjust your report preferences according to users and groups, specific visitor segments and more.

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