Sometimes Quantity Is Quality – Top Groups Reports

Yammer - Top GroupsYammer offers private and public groups with options to have members join upon request or with the permission of admin. All those hot topics running around the Yammer red carpet can now be streamed into users’ personal news feeds centralized within specific groups designed for a purpose. Groups can be listed in a directory, and all the rage and collaborative knowledge sharing can be found in distinct categorized sectors.

Want to find out which topics are pushing the limits with member rates booming?

CardioLog Analytics Yammer Top Groups Report will tell you the name of the group pushing member numbers to great heights. Both in chart and meter form, you can distinctly magnify the stats on which group membership numbers are topping the charts. Organizations can then look further into discussions within these groups, and conclude which matters require attention. The next step is the organizations’ optimization within portals, along with addressing which issues require further evolution and development within Yammer virtual workspaces. You can learn more about your organization’s culture and increase social and human resource efforts, as the report can provide an understanding of what topics are bringing traffic and causing groups to form.

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