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Biggest mistakes rolling out Microsoft Teams

Common mistakes that companies make when implementing new technology like Microsoft Teams. Lack of Training and Communication: One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when rolling out new technology is failing to provide proper training and communication to employees. Teams is a complex tool that requires training and education to be used to its[…]

Why & How To Boost Office 365 Adoption

Office 365 is a popular cloud-based productivity suite that includes a range of applications and services for businesses, such as Exchange Online for email, OneDrive for Business for file storage and sharing, SharePoint for collaboration and document management, and Microsoft Teams for communication and teamwork. The adoption of Office 365 is widespread, with millions of[…]

Why & How To Boost Office 365 Adoption: Tracking Consumption in different Microsoft Office 365 platforms

SharePoint Governance Suite

The Governance Suite for SharePoint is a set of tools, solutions policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how your organization’s business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve all its goals because it is aimed at improving the management and administration of SharePoint environments. This Governance Suite also helps organizations to better manage[…]

Straightforward Metrics for SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Reports

Selecting the right metrics to show to upper management is key for promoting departmental interests and relaying vital information about the health of the SharePoint portal or other Microsoft 365 platforms. Selecting the right metrics, with the right aesthetics can be challenging when working with basic out-of-the-box SharePoint /Microsoft 365 reporting. To get your point[…]

Supporting Your Digital Workforces

We’re coming out of one of the most challenging few years in business history. The covid-19 pandemic forced most organizations to rethink their operations and in doing so also accelerate transformations and change the ways in which they were working. This all happened at a speed that before, would have taken many many years. The[…]

3 ways to Support your Digital Workforces

When to Use Sharepoint vs Teams for Higher Productivity

What is the best tool for your team collaboration: Sharepoint or Teams? It’s an ongoing debate, and we are here to settle it once and for all. Each tool has its unique offerings and different ways that you can incorporate them into your existing workflows.  Take a closer look into how these tools can help[…]

Sharepoint On Premise vs Online: A Brief Comparison

Microsoft claims that there are over 200,000 organizations and up to 190 million people using Sharepoint. There are various Sharepoint environments available that can impact the capabilities of this tool and how you use it for team collaboration. There are two particular options available: Sharepoint on premise vs online.  This guide will show you the[…]

Secrets to Successful Change Management and Adoption of Office 365

Microsoft 365 is a strategic platform that enables teams and organizations to boost productivity and efficiency. The successful adoption of this suite of tools drives value to businesses of all sizes. When used at scale, it enables users to optimize the digital workplace tools available through this platform.  In this post, you’ll learn more about[…]

Microsoft Viva vs SharePoint

The release of Microsoft Viva early this year made quite a splash. Many organizations considered switching to this platform to enhance their employee experience and team collaborations. However, there is a lot of confusion surrounding its functions and how it could reposition some of the existing tools employed by organizations, including Sharepoint. This guide will[…]