Best Employee Intranet Software

best intranet software for employees

Most people, when they hear the word intranet, picture an old, clunky, ugly, and difficult-to-navigate platform. While those things still undeniably exist, the intranets listed here are new, sleek, intuitive, engaging, and easy to navigate. Here is a quick list of the best intranet software you can choose.

Intranet and Internet

First off, what is an intranet? How is it different from the internet? Lastly, do you really need it for your business?

The Internet is a global network of connected computers that allows people to communicate and share information with each other. This includes search engines, social media, video streaming sites, e-commerce sites, video conferencing apps, online payments, online games, and more. 

The intranet, on the other hand, works within the internet but is a local and restricted network for people to communicate and share information, and organize and store data within the organization. To put it simply, the Internet is for public use, while the intranet is a private network. 

The websites made within the intranet look and work similar to those on the internet. However, these websites can only be accessed by authorized individuals within the organization. Intranet websites also have the same functionalities as internet websites; users can chat, access, store, and share files, etc. 

Advantages of intranet for businesses

Intranets are the unsung heroes of the modern workplace; they streamline communication and keep everyone on the same page. HR and IT teams around the world use it, and here are some reasons why:

  • It builds a strong company culture
  • It reinforces the company brand and values
  • It improves team productivity
  • It secures knowledge management and sharing 
  • It makes collaboration easy and convenient for everybody 
  • It connects and engages a workforce across different locations and time zones
  • It simplifies employee onboarding
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So what’s the best intranet software?


This web-based intranet software platform provides organizations with an effective and strategic place to communicate, collaborate, and store information in the cloud. Aside from being an intranet, it is also an online storage tool that gives users access and control to their own documents and other important information. This is why this tool is more commonly used by professional groups who are looking for a secure central location to keep their files. It also restricts users from working on different versions of the same file simultaneously, which is a really convenient feature for collaboration. 

Glasscube is flexible and versatile; there are no restrictions on the type and size of files that can be saved by users. Files can be uploaded to the platform in bulk or emailed to the cloud individually. As with most good intranets, it comes with internal messaging. 


  • Intuitive, easy to setup and use
  • Secures and protects your key documents
  • Great supporting documentation
  • Cross-platform device availability
  • Comprehensive task management, file sharing, and scheduling tools
  • Allows users to share documents without giving the ability to edit or download the original
  • Organizations can customize their accounts, workspaces, and communication
  • Affordable


  • Cannot set time, only dates
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This is an intranet platform, communication tool, and employee application all rolled into one pleasant experience. 

This employee communication platform is specially designed to build a natural and meaningful connection between teammates in any organization. It allows people to engage in ways that used to be difficult, if not impossible with traditional intranet tools. 


  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy installation and integration with existing communications tool
  • Fun and engaging tool for any organization
  • Intuitive and supportive platform
  • Packed with features
  • Gets updated from time to time


  • Very minor glitches from time to time when switching from the mobile app and desktop version


Claromentis is an intranet that provides organizations with an all-in-one platform for a reasonable price. It streamlines business processes, helps users communicate better, and collaborate, and provides easy access to information they need. 

Visually, it’s one of the better-looking intranets out there; the intuitive design makes it easy to use and navigate. It doesn’t require content managers to be technical experts. It also integrates with third-party apps really easily. 


  • Easy to use UX design, customizable, simplifies daily tasks
  • Extensive features
  • Easy to integrate and implement 
  • Great customer service
  • Reasonably priced


  • Extensive features can be confusing, but you can turn them off based on your needs


This is a modern intranet software that makes workforce communication easy and more convenient for almost any organization, whether they are office-based or remote. It is straightforward, easy to learn and navigate, as it looks and works like your usual social media platform. 

It is built on a trusted platform of SalesForce (an American cloud-based software company). One of its biggest strengths is the responsive customer service.


  • Modern, beautiful, and intuitive interface
  • User-friendly, and works like most social media platforms
  • Easy integration
  • Highly customizable for your needs
  • Great selection of features constantly updated
  • Responsive customer service


  • Categories and tags could help organize the hierarchy of contents
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Staffbase is an intranet especially made for internal communications of professionals. The platform provides users across an organization with one single place to brainstorm, create, publish, and measure content for all the staff. When it comes to the user’s and administrator’s perspective, this platform fulfills almost all requirements. It puts heavy emphasis on employee experience across the entire workforce. 

It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles; rather it’s straightforward, neat, and practical. And as with other intranets on this list, Staffbase is also backed by excellent customer support which is constantly improving.


  • Fast, powerful internal communications channel
  • Employees are at the front and center in the platform
  • Quick and easy installation and integration, including the mobile app version
  • Comes with helpful plugins and versatile features
  • Good customer support 
  • Flexible scalability


  • Lacks multi-stage workflow
  • The backend structure is a bit unintuitive
  • UX could be improved
  • Chat functions could be improved
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Workplace by Facebook

As you all know, Facebook is not only the world’s most popular social media platform, over the years it has evolved into something greater and now offers a plethora of functionalities for different industries. One superb tool is the intranet – a communications, file-sharing, and limited collaboration platform designed for organizations and businesses. It has similar tools such as groups, video calling, and messaging. 

This tool makes it easy for business owners and leaders to communicate with their employees and community. Both the desktop and mobile versions provide a space for people to share their voices. 


  • User-friendly design looks similar to Facebook
  • Connects to apps that are already in use (Office 365, Sharepoint, etc)


  • Can be distracting, some people may find it difficult to separate the intranet from the social media side of Facebook
  • Lacks functional features for administrators (assigning tasks, real-time follow-ups, etc.)
  • Limited admin/manager accounts 

There you have it – the six best employee intranet software for 2024. These platforms can definitely change the way you and your teamwork. Try them out and see for yourself!

To learn more about maximizing communication, sharing information, and organizing/storing data within your organization, visit Intlock.