5 of the Best SharePoint Team Site Ideas

sharepoint team sites

SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most flexible and customizable platforms, offering the business a powerful solution from which to create collaborative spaces, intranets, extranets, and applications. Microsoft defines the platform as a ‘cloud-based service that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge and applications’ with the overarching goal of empowering people, storing information intelligently, and collaborating effortlessly. 


Team sites is one of the collaborative arms of the platform, allowing for you to build spaces that connect people and information within specific groups or teams. They’re easy to create thanks to the built-in tools that SharePoint has on offer, and they allow for far richer communication across silos, business units, external suppliers and teams. In short, they are perfect for in-house teams and for bringing together multiple individuals across the globe. 


SharePoint Team Site Ideas

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To help you get the most from your investment, here are some proven SharePoint team site ideas:

1. Organize with OneDrive

SharePoint team sites allow you to organize information by company, project, and topic. You can also manage information according to specific company goals or requirements, which makes this a smart solution for creating highly targeted collaborative groups. However, the information has to retain an element of fluidity – users need to share it, work on it and take it with them into different environments. To enable this, SharePoint automatically stores files sent between users outside of a specific channel (group) in OneDrive for Business. As OneDrive is capable of syncing across multiple devices and platforms, it makes the management of document flow, status and version far more coherent.


2. Go Modern SharePoint without a full migration

There are multiple tools and technologies available to those of you who have not yet upgraded to the new SharePoint 2019. The move is highly beneficial thanks to the rich feature set (drag and drop, resize, customize on demand) that comes with the modern upgrade, but it can be somewhat daunting for the business. To overcome the need to abandon the old completely in favor of the new, Microsoft has actually provided the business with some solutions that help make this move easier.  To upgrade your team sites, simply connect them to an Office 365 Group to convert them to Modern SharePoint. Microsoft does the work in the background to turn your old team site into one that can take advantage of the new features available on the platform. 


3. Add people to your team site at speed

You can build the foundations of a new team site in only a few quick clicks. From your Office 365 dashboard, navigate to the link in the bottom left-hand corner which says ‘Microsoft Teams’, click on Create a Team and your new team has automatically been created. To share its location and to add team members to the site, simply send the relevant people the team link located in the bottom left-hand corner of the team site. This is an instant shortcut to the created team and allows people to simply click and enter to get started.


4. Brand your team sites

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Want to build team spirit or emphasize the brand identify of the company taking the lead on the project? SharePoint team sites allows you to customize the look and feel of your team site quickly and easily. You can simply select the Change the Look button to adjust the colors for the site, company and SharePoint, as well as the overall layout of the site. You can also upload your logo to sit at the top of the page, and customize the bottom of the page to include links, your logo and text. You get quite a bit of wriggle room with the site customization features so you can really enhance your brand and engagement. 


5. Share with external clients

When it comes to collaborating with multiple partners and service providers, team sites give you a ton of room to move and engage. The platform isn’t restrictive in its approach so you can pull people into the platform to really shift gears on a project and its capabilities. As SharePoint team site ideas go, this one is among the best. You can control the sites that external people see, allow them to enter the sites even if they don’t share your Office 365 subscription, and you can manage the files and folders they’re allowed to access from within the site. 


There are many ways of customizing and enhancing your SharePoint team site, getting the most from its potential and its ability to pull together multiple sources of information and individuals. These are just some of the most useful SharePoint team sites ideas for companies that want to just get started and get the benefits right now.