SharePoint Facebook Integration


People today provide highly detailed information about themselves, in an unprecedented way, on their Facebook accounts – and they’re willing to share it with you. Now you can harness the power of the enormously popular social network by tapping into this rich source of data about people who are your potential customers.

SharePoint Facebook integration enables you to enhance your potential customers’ engagement in order to boost revenues. Visitors to your website provide you with rich information through their Facebook accounts, and you can use this information to accurately segment them, and to deliver highly personalized content. And taking things a step further, web analytics based on SharePoint Facebook integration help you to know how your potential customers are engaging with your business’s own Facebook page and applications.

Intlock helps you to leverage Facebook’s value in a way that is cost-effective and easy to implement, without the need for programming.

  • Know your visitors in an unprecedented and detailed way
  • Accurately segment your potential customers
  • Display highly relevant content, based on your visitor data
  • Boost conversions by personalizing your website for each visitor in real time
  • Generate web analytics reports for Facebook

Facebook Connect is a new and trusted method enabling websites to link up with the social network’s users. This authentication method, enables your visitors to log in via their Facebook account. It removes many of the usual barriers to registration, doing away with the need for your visitors to enter their details or remember another password. And the potential benefits are great for your business, too. Facebook Connect allows you to understand much more about your potential customers. With SharePoint Facebook integration, you’ll have access to a rich supply of information that they’re happy to share with you, such as their Facebook profile, the number of friends they have, where in the world they’re located, and more.

On the basis of your visitors’ social network profiles, characteristics, interests, demographics, and more, SharePoint Facebook integration allows you to easily achieve powerful segmentation abilities. With SharePoint Facebook integration you can categorize your potential customers on the basis of demographic data, including their age, sex, relationship status, educational background and location. SharePoint Facebook integration would enable you, for example, to create a marketing campaign targeting all your potential customers who have more than 150 Facebook friends and live in London. Facebook Connect adds an invaluable layer of data to the SharePoint Marketing Suite segmentation engine, allowing for significantly more accurate personalization based on your visitors’ Facebook accounts.

Such key information opens the door to analyzing your potential customers, and the performance of various segments of visitors – and enables you to personalize your website for each segment. SharePoint Facebook integration can help you enhance visitors’ experience when they come to your website, enabling you to personalize your content to each visitor in real time based on their age, sex, and more. If you wanted, for example, to create a landing page for high-school students in New York, or for married women over the age of 50 in Boston, SharePoint Facebook integration would give you the tools to do exactly that.

And, taking things to the next level, SharePoint Facebook integration also offers a tool to measure the success of your Facebook marketing. Facebook web analytics enable you to test, segment and target your campaigns within the social network, in real time. The heightened buzz around social network marketing has made the need to optimize your efforts the next logical step.

As part of web analytics based on SharePoint Facebook integration, it’s possible to measure the impact that your business’s Facebook page is having – for example, in terms of the number of people who have “liked” your page, the estimated number of friends its fans have, the number of people talking about it on the social network, and the number of people clicking on it. SharePoint Facebook integration also allows you to calculate the effectiveness of your Facebook applications, including the number of times people have viewed, used or authorized your app, and the number of comments on people’s wall posts.

Key Features

  • Integration of your website with social network users via Facebook Connect
  • Record of detailed Facebook account data for individual website visitors
  • Powerful segmentation capabilities based on various Facebook account fields
  • Personalization abilities, enabling you to tailor your website’s content
  • Web analytics to help you measure your Facebook page and apps’ success

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