On-Premises SharePoint and Office 365 Analytics

On-Premises Reporting for SharePoint and Office 365

CardioLog Analytics, designed specifically for SharePoint and 3rd party applications, recognizes the individual needs of your organization, offering two powerful software solutions for storing and accessing your analytics. Both our On-Premises s and SaaS options allow you to engage portal users, boost user productivity and improve portal collaboration. Each option, On-Premisess or SaaS, offer their own set of benefits.

If privacy, performance and data ownership is your priority, then our on solution may be your preferred option, allowing you to keep your analytics hosted on your On-Premises server or on a partner’s host facility. CardioLog Analytics SaaS ensures around-the-clock access and reliability by storing your analytics on a cloud-based server.On Premises Analytics

On-Premises Analytics
CardioLog Analytics is the exclusive, leading on web analytics solution, specifically designed for SharePoint, providing the most comprehensive analysis of your SharePoint site, while respecting the sensitivity and privacy of your data.

Unlike industry analytics vendors like Google Analytics, Webtrends and others that merely focus on SaaS web analytics solutions, CardioLog Analytics continues to invest vast efforts in On-Premises technology superiority and is the only SharePoint On-Premises analytics provider that offers enterprise-scale data capture, analysis and reporting with software that runs on your own servers or with a certified local partner. CardioLog Analytics uses Microsoft SharePoint features to enable data collection, and because all of the analytics data is stored locally, our On-Premises solution provides maximum security and privacy for your data. Finding the ideal web analytics provider that ensures you’re able to meet the needs of executives, administrators and end users while respecting the sensitivity of your organization’s personal data becomes a straightforward process with our top reaching web analytics solution for SharePoint environments.

With nearly 10 years of experience working with enterprise organizations within various professional areas of expertise, (ranging from Health & Pharmaceutical, Government Institutions, Finance, Legal, Aerospace & Defense, and Software & Technology), CardioLog Analytics provides the strongest option for any organization looking to expand their scope of their SharePoint environment’s activity while respecting and understanding the need for discretion regarding the company’s intellectual property, along with customer information secured and maintained at their own facility.

An on setup offers unrivalled performance and control options, especially with regards to running reanalysis on earlier data, setting custom table sizes, or customizing your tracking code. This is because all of your data is owned on your local machines, giving you complete control over how it’s used.

We understand the importance of keeping your data within your quarters, and while other web analytics providers are based strictly on demand, they also do not provide the collaboration and engagement tools that CardioLog analytics provides out-of-the-box. In addition to understanding the array of movement, action and lack thereof within your SharePoint site, CardioLog provides you with fresh tools like Voice of Customer surveys, a sleek marquis style Message Bar that’s customizable, and personalized UI designs with Behavioral Targeting.

The On-Premises location of your data also facilitates better integration with internally stored user data, such as CRM, Active Directory and User Profiles. And because On-Premises solutions don’t rely on external bandwidth or software solutions, they are more cost-effective, making them a worthwhile choice for analytics hosting on a budget.

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