CardioLog Analytics Integration with Workflows

CardioLog Analytics is fully integrated with a variety of workflows solutions. The collaboration allows for increased transparency and a more streamlined compatibility between your SharePoint reporting and workflow solutions. The solution is simple: CardioLog Analytics is the connection in between your SharePoint portal and your workflow processes. CardioLog’s enhanced reporting features are used to trigger important workflows to optimize and manage your SharePoint portal.

How does it work?

CardioLog’s integration with workflows is the catalyst driving important changes in SharePoint. First, CardioLog runs in depth, holistic reports on your SharePoint’s environments. CardioLog then takes information gathered from this data, and triggers workflows to optimize your SharePoint portal. For example, CardioLog Analytics can first identify which sites are not being viewed or modified, and can then trigger a workflow to delete these unused sites. Examples of how CardioLog’s integration with workflows can optimize your SharePoint portal:



Imagine a workflow that schedules tasks for administrator to run SharePoint reports on metrics such as views on an HR Onboarding Document reports. These workflows will assist administrators in ensuring that onboarding employees are gaining access to vital information. CardioLog Analytics currently supports workflows including: SharePoint Out of the Box, Nintex and K2.

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