SharePoint Salesforce Plugin


Do you want to know where a potential customer has clicked on your website before you make your first call to them? The SharePoint Marketing Suite Salesforce plugin will put invaluable data into the hands of your sales reps, enabling you to boost your business.

With our Salesforce plugin, you can identify companies and know exactly where your potential customers are clicking, even from their very first visit to your website. And, as soon as they make their first conversion, the SharePoint salesforce tool ensures that their prior anonymous visits are instantly added to their profile, so you’ll have a rich and useful picture of your potential customer that will give your sales team that essential advantage.

The tool empowers your reps to know, for example, where on your website a potential customer is clicking, and how they arrived at your site in the first place, empowering you to make the smartest decisions for your business.

  • Drive sales thanks to invaluable insight into your customers
  • Identify anonymous individuals and companies visiting your website
  • Gain lead intelligence from the moment a visitor enters your site
  • Follow the best leads, based on behavioral scoring

With this plugin, your sales reps can see potential customers’ visits, email responses, and more within the CRM record, meaning that their follow-up contact with your visitors will be informed by invaluable insight. The SharePoint Salesforce plugin enables you to prioritize more efficiently and effectively and to channel your efforts into chasing the best leads.

From the moment a potential customer arrives at your website – and even before they have entered any information on the landing page form – the SharePoint Salesforce plugin gives you access to crucial data, such as what search engine a visitor used, any keywords they entered, and more. It’s also possible to know the name of their company based on their Internet connection. Such valuable pieces of information provided by the SharePoint Salesforce plugin can be used to segment your visitors in web analytic reports.

What’s more, the SharePoint Salesforce plugin enables you to make an intelligent assessment of a visitor’s readiness to buy through behavioral scoring. Based on information such as where and how often they click on your website, potential customers are given a score, so that you’ll know who to make a beeline for. You can measure your potential customers’ engagement with your website, using the SharePoint Salesforce plugin to track their actions. Simply put, with the SharePoint Salesforce plugin you’ll be able to send high-quality leads to your sales team, which spells success for your business.

The plugin also enables you to customize your own scoring attributes according to what’s most important for your business – whether it be the source a potential customer initially came from or the number of visits they make. It could also be based on the amount of time a potential customer spends on your website or a specific page – after all, some pages are better than others at demonstrating what your visitor intends to do. With the SharePoint Salesforce plugin, for example, if a visitor clicks on your pricing list, you could add 50 points to their score. In addition, the behavioral scores you gather using the SharePoint Salesforce plugin can be used to create a call list, which means you can have your sales reps prioritize callbacks to visitors who have most recently, or most often, clicked on your website.

Key Features

  • Anonymous visit history instantly added to personal profile
  • User-friendly CRM records, enabling well-targeted sales follow-up
  • Automatic lead intelligence
  • Behavioral scoring
  • Customizable behavioral scoring attributes