Campaign Tracking

Discover Which of Your Campaigns are Best for Business

Understanding the impact of your advertising campaigns is one of the most powerful pieces of knowledge that web analytics can give you. From this, you’ll know the value of your advertising dollars and will be able to point to which of your campaigns yields the best results for your business.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s campaign tracking tool gives you a powerful insight into your campaigns’ effectiveness by monitoring the achievement of your specific business goals. The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s goal-tracking tools help you lift the lid on any performance problems, so you’ll be able to weed out any underperforming campaigns. Another element in boosting the success of your campaigns, our short URL generator takes your URL and squeezes it into a shorter version that’s easier for you to share.

  • Measure conversion and abandonment rate for each of your campaigns
  • Track multiple goals
  • Evaluate your website’s performance in terms of banners, ad positioning and search terms
  • Generate a shortened, more user-friendly version of your URL
  • Create unique campaign tracking links, reports and pixels for your affiliates

The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s goal tracking tool enables you to keep a record of the most important actions that potential customers take when they visit your website – from filling out a form to buying a product. If you want to know whether your subscription newsletter is reaching your target audience, how many people are downloading your brochure, or whether your marketing strategy is leading to a boost in sales, we can help you assess how well these goals are being met. After all, goals are the purpose of your website’s existence and, if you aren’t measuring what leads to their fulfillment, then you’re wasting your most powerful and actionable source of data.

Campaign tracking gives you an insight into your conversion rates, whatever they are, allowing you to associate multiple visits, goals, actions and type of visitor with each of your campaigns. With goal tracking, you can view pre-defined goal-conversion funnels, instantly create new sales funnels and apply them to historical data or ad-hoc business scenarios. Campaign tracking with the SharePoint Marketing Suite means you can set up a funnel by using the name of a page, and apply that funnel to any time period in the past to instantly see the crucial points at which visitors are dropping off.

Armed with these powerful conversion-measurement tools, you can evaluate the success of your online campaigns – and take action to improve them. From your goal tracking data, you’ll be able to assess your website’s performance in terms of your banners, ad positioning and search terms. You’ll have the power to improve your conversion rates by determining which text, buttons, graphics and even colors are encouraging your potential visitors to take action. With campaign tracking, you’ll be able to effectively evaluate your traffic sources and show the dollar value of your website. Using the invaluable data you’ve gathered from campaign tracking, you’ll know which campaigns are leading to conversions and which are letting you down, helping you reduce dropout rates and ensure that visitors stay on your website.

As part of our tools to help you improve the effectiveness of your online campaigns, the SharePoint Marketing Suite’s short URL generator is a module that takes a long URL and shortens it into fewer characters. A short URL is much easier to include as a link in an email or Twitter post without breaking it up or taking up unnecessary space, and can be used by your affiliates to track clicks and usage.

Key Features

  • Conversion measurement
  • Creation of goal-conversion funnels
  • Application of funnels to any time period
  • Multiple goal tracking and evaluation
  • Short URL generator

Goal funnel report - campaign tracking

Goal funnel report

Goal summary report - campaign tracking

Goal summary report

Affiliate report - campaign tracking

Affiliate report

Microsoft Atlas Integration

SharePoint Marketing Suite provides a friendly facility to define visitor segments based on Microsoft Atlas Media Plans, Buys, Placements and Creatives, and consequently provide relevant messages for visitors who arrive from a specific Atlas Ad.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite includes a friendly user interface which displays your Atlas assets in an organized way. You can easily drill down from Media Plans down to Creatives, and view all your Ads – including their texts and images.

In order create visitor segments based on any of your Atlas items, simply click the desired item. The newly created segment is now available for use throughout the SharePoint Marketing Suite modules. You can create “content personalization rules” based on the new segment. You can display custom surveys for visitors who belong to the new segment, and have this visitor segment participate in A/B and Multivariate tests.

Atlas Media Plans - Campaign tracking

Atlas media plans