SharePoint SEO


Many Internet users give up after clicking on the first few search results and few go beyond a search engine’s first page of results. If your website doesn’t come out near the top online searches, you’re losing out to your competitors on traffic and potential business. Intlock’s SharePoint SEO (search engine optimization) module can help your website come out near the top of search engine rankings and stay there so that prospective customers head in your direction.

SharePoint Marketing Suite’s SEO module helps you to get more online hits by recommending how to make your website content more search-engine friendly, driving customers toward you organically. This user-friendly tool helps you optimize your site’s content and structure for search-engine crawlers, making it easier to find.

  • Identify search engines and keywords that drive traffic to your site
  • Find out which search engine and keywords are best at generating sales
  • Detect pages with errors, broken links, duplicate content and SEO violations
  • Measure site and page-load times
  • Track content changes in real time, such as deleted pages and changes in site inventory and structure

Intlock’s SharePoint SEO module allows you to analyze internal and external SharePoint websites with the aim of enticing more people to click on your website. It enables you to define and schedule crawl jobs, target crawls for subdirectories and subdomains, configure the number of concurrent requests (enabling you to crawl your website without incurring additional processing) and view improvements in page performance over time. Our guidance on which keywords to use, predefined vocabularies of search engine optimized content, and Google-friendly URLs will help visitors find your website more easily, and the SharePoint SEO tool will help keep search engines up to date with your website’s latest information. This continuous optimization and analysis will maximize your SEO efforts and help prevent you from dropping in search-engine rankings.

What’s more, the SharePoint SEO module’s powerful, inbuilt site search will make it easy for visitors to go directly to what they’re looking for once they arrive at your website, offering improved customer experience and giving you that crucial competitive edge. In addition, the SharePoint SEO tool can be used to discover common problems in your website’s content and design that may be frustrating potential customers or even driving them away. This versatile tool also includes an extensive set of pre-built reports to enable you to analyze your website’s compliance with SEO recommendations and to detect resolvable problems such as broken links, missing pieces of content, duplicated information and performance issues.

In addition to SEO reports, the SharePoint SEO’s rich dashboard offers a detailed summary of website analysis results, including reports on the source of the traffic to your website. This helps you to understand the routes that search engines take in order to reach your content and enables you to know which keywords, search engines and referring sites drive the best conversion rates for your business. Simply put, the SharePoint SEO enables you to see your own site as a search engine sees it.

Key Features

  • Configurable options for including content from just your directories or the entire website and sub-domains
  • Configurable number of concurrent requests
  • Guidance on keyword use, search engine optimized content and Google-friendly URLs
  • Powerful inbuilt site search
  • Detection of problems in website content
  • Prebuilt SEO analysis reports
  • Rich dashboard with a detailed summary of website analysis results
  • Detailed route analysis revealing how search engines reach your content