A/B And Multivariate Testing


Internet users expect relevant, even personalized, content from the enormous range of websites they can choose from. To gain that crucial competitive edge,you need to deliver the right content to the right potential customer at the righttime.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s multivariate and AB testing tools give you the power to measure the effectiveness and relevance of your website’s content. The ultimate aim of our testing tools is to help you create the most compelling content, dynamic design and user-friendly features – which help drive conversions. Creating and running multivariate and AB testing requires zero IT involvement.

  • Evaluate the potential of your marketing channels
  • Identify your website’s most effective content
  • Easily create, manage and document your tests
  • Optimize multiple conversion goals
  • Target your tests to a specific visitor segment

Split test: summary and settings - AB testing

Intlock enables you to quickly and continually conduct AB testing and multivariate testing across any online channel, evaluating everything from graphics and individual blocks of copy to entire page layouts. Assigning a value to each interaction between a potential customer and your website, robust multivariate and AB testing allows you to build up an increasingly useful profile that measures a customer’s engagement with your content. While AB testing facilitates fast and precise design selection, multivariate testing allows for evaluating many different elements and variations with smaller traffic requirements and fewer combinations. Such in-depth testing is the key to identifying your most relevant and engaging content and ultimately enables you to optimize your website, boost your appeal in the eyes of your potential customers and help you maximize conversions.

It’s well known that multivariate and AB testing provides critical insights about which parts of your text, images and design are having the biggest impact on performance and customer engagement, but most tools are insufficient and make such testing complicated and labor-intensive. Using Intlock’s testing tools,however, you can instantly and easily create AB testing and multivariate tests using check boxes, wizards and sliders. The on-site visual interface enables you to create and run optimization tests directly on your website – exactly as visitors will experience them – without the need for any special configuration. Our AB testing tool also provides ongoing feedback on customer engagement and on the performance of your website via web-based reports, providing you with easy-to-understand, actionable information.

You can optimize the quality and quantity of your conversion goals by testing everything from homepage content to the appearance of “submit” buttons. After all, when everything is clicking as it should be, you’re more likely to get those crucial conversions. Continual AB testing leads to a continually optimized experience for, and deeper engagement from, your potential customers.

Intlock’s multivariate and AB testing can also be targeted to a specific visitor segment. Our optimization tool can run these tests on your website to identify the combination of variations that lead to the biggest boost in conversions.And by integrating multivariate and AB testing with our segmentation and behavioral targeting features, the tool runs the tests only on the variations’ target audience, eliminating any loss of conversions in other segments and swiftly producing more accurate and conclusive results. The integration of Intlock’s multivariate and AB testing with segmentation empowers you to deliver well-targeted campaigns, special offers, banners and more.

Key Features

  • Quick and continual testing across any online channel
  • Easily designed and implemented tests, with zero IT involvement
  • On-site testing
  • In-depth and actionable reporting
  • Integration of multivariate and AB testing with Intlock’s segmentation and behavioral targeting tools for more effective targeting