Landing Page Optimization


Your website’s landing page is the frontline of your business – a crucial factor in persuading visitors to become your customers. The landing page is the first thing your potential customers see after they have clicked on an online ad, link, search result or promotional URL, so it’s your first chance to convince them, after they’ve been sufficiently motivated to make that first click, to engage more deeply with your website.

And that’s where landing page optimization come in. The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s testing tools help you check whether your landing page has the most engaging and relevant content, is user-friendly and is maximizing your chances of achieving your business goals. Our landing page optimization tools can help you take your landing page to the next level.

  • Assess your landing page with A/B and multivariate tests
  • Test the effectiveness of your page design, text, layout and more
  • Target your audiences to maximize your page’s relevance
  • Give your conversion rates a big boost

Generally speaking, it’s best to resist the temptation of sending your visitors straight to your homepage, which likely contains a lot of information aimed at visitors who you already know are willing to explore your website. For a first-time visitor, though, it’s best to have a page that focuses on one goal, one message, one action, to improve the chances of them engaging with your website. The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s landing page optimization tools will help you maximize the potential of your website, ultimately assisting you in increasing conversions.

Whether you’re looking for landing page optimization for your existing page or are designing a new one, we can help you measure your page design, text and layout through a wide variety of tests. Landing page optimization testing eliminates the guesswork when it comes to creating your page, getting straight to the heart of what’s going to work best for your business. Setting up more than one page in order to test different variables can be an invaluable element of landing page optimization. Testing subject headers, the number of fields in a registration form, and the length of your copy are all variables that can usefully indicate what is going to attract visitors and what is likely to turn them off. For example, perhaps you’ll find you achieve landing page optimization with short, tightly focused copy or, on the other hand, you’ll find that too little information is driving potential customers away because they don’t learn enough about your product.

Intlock’s segmentation tools are also on hand to help you achieve landing page optimization. Landing pages are the perfect place to try out segmentation, in order to draw your visitors in from the outset. The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s behavioral targeting module helps you to identify valuable visitor segments and deliver personalized content, relevant special offers and an overall look that’s based on their characteristics. By teaming up each ad source with its own landing page you’ll make sure you’re giving your potential customers what they want, and you’ll really boost your chances of increasing your conversion rate.

The process of landing page optimization means more than having good copy, a flashy design or scattering calls to action across the page. A more reliable way of determining the success of your landing page is by going straight to your best source of information – your visitors. One way of gathering this essential data is by asking your visitors themselves. With the SharePoint Marketing Suite you can gain that crucial voice-of-customer data through page-based comments and website-satisfaction polls. It’s much easier to achieve landing page optimization if you know what your potential customers are thinking when they click on your website. Intlock’s visitor recording tools are another key way of assessing your visitors’ experience, and helping you on your way toward landing page optimization. By tracking your visitors’ mouse movements and clicks, you’ll understand how people use your website, what they’re trying to achieve, and where they encounter errors.

The SharePoint Marketing Suite’s web analytics module can also help you achieve that vital landing page optimization. Whether you need basic stats, custom dashboards or executive reports, we provide a wide variety of reports that it’s easy to create, filter and schedule. You can use Intlock’s SharePoint web analytics to see visit information, including visitor data and traffic sources – within minutes of a potential customer’s click on your website – for a real-time insight into the impact of your landing page.

Key Features

  • Optimization of existing or newly created landing pages
  • Measurement of text, design and layout effectiveness, as well as other variables
  • Content-targeting capabilities
  • Voice-of-customer surveys
  • Visitor recordings