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Krohne Uses CardioLog Analytics to Gain In-Depth Insights into their Intranet Portal Usage Patterns

With over 3,000 employees, Krohne is a world-leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial processes solutions across a span of many industries, including oil and gas; water and wastewater; chemical and petrochemical; minerals and mining, and more. When Krohne wanted to learn more about their intranet users’ usage patterns, and discover which user groups were and were not using their intranet, they turned to CardioLog Analytics to fill this need. With the advanced SharePoint analytics offered by CardioLog Analytics, Krohne learned in-depth insights into their employees’ intranet behaviors. Using this data, they identified employees who were struggling with intranet adoption and were better able to allocate resources for training, which resulted in increased adoption and savings for the company.

The Challenge
When you’re managing a company with north of 3,000 employees, how do you ensure that everyone is utilizing your intranet portal to its fullest potential? How do you identify gaps in departments, or locations, where people may still be struggling to adopt your intranet portal? Standard SharePoint analytics may help you with surface analysis, but without a deeper understanding of your users’ behaviors, it will be difficult or impossible to accurately identify and improve upon problems surrounding your intranet portal.

Krohne was facing this exact problem before they found CardioLog Analytics. “Before CardioLog Analytics, we tried the out-of-the-box analyzing tools from SharePoint 2010,” writes Krohne’s Simon Koschinski. “It really didn’t offer useful information and was difficult to retrieve and visualize data. Especially if you are looking for aggregated data across sites or farms and data segmented by different user groups or user attributes.”

Having exhausted the limits of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box analytics, Krohne was looking for the comprehensive analytics solution that would allow them to gain deeper insights into their users’ usage. With more robust analytics, they would be able to find the users who were hesitant to use the intranet portal, and target training resources to individual employees, rather than wasting resources on training everybody, including those who didn’t need it. They would also be able to identify the exact reasons why these employees were not using their intranet portal, and better optimize the portal based on these findings.

The Solution
By switching to CardioLog Analytics, Krohne instantaneously gained access to the hidden insights into their portal usage that allowed them to accomplish their goals of creating a more accessible intranet used by a larger percentage of their company. CardioLog Analytics made this possible by offering enterprise-level reporting with unrivaled levels of detail. Whether a site admin wants to monitor the route users take when using her sites or a farm admin is interested in knowing how users interact with the intranet search engine, CardioLog can provide Krohne business and IT users with the information they need. From highlighting the most popular areas of the site to shining light on the unused areas of the portal, CardioLog Analytics places this power and more at the fingertips of Krohne users.

Using this information, Krohne improved their training efforts and optimized their intranet site’s navigation for users. Furthermore, Krohne was able to save time and money due to the way the information is presented in CardioLog Analytics, with an intuitive and visual format that’s easy to comprehend.

In total, Krohne says that they were very satisfied with the CardioLog Analytics solution. “It gives you a great overview about what is happening within your SharePoint environment. CardioLog Analytics is a great product.”