Testimonials & Success Stories – Hines


One of the largest international real estate management institutions, Hines Interests, has up to 5,000 employees using their intranet portal. With a vast range of departments accessing the portal for information, understanding their portal usage was necessary. When searching for more information on their portal statistics, Hines needed reports that would cover every aspect of their usage – from page views to visitor segments, search and understanding end user needs. Both Rebecca Zey, Business Systems Analyst, and Jay Cappis, Manager of Applications Development, have indicated that CardioLog Analytics presented an excellent solution for their needs. Their greatest challenge was finding a product that would cover the broad spectrum of reports they were seeking. CardioLog Analytics proved to provide detailed data on every aspect of their portal.

The Challenge
Hines employees using the SharePoint portal range from their Finance to Marketing department. With a diverse group of users, all with their own level of use, Hines’ IT department was looking for a solution that would report on every aspect of their portals usage. Identifying which aspects of their portal were not being used in order to optimize their portal to its ultimate level of productivity was the company’s objective and challenge. IT often had concerns about portal use and were not able to pinpoint where user adoption may have been falling short. With this in mind, Hines Interests approached CardioLog Analytics.

The Solution
Proving to give the most varied selection of portal analytics reports Hines Interests was looking for, CardioLog Analytics was the product of choice. Rebecca Zey, Business Systems Analyst stated, “[…] the product has provided us with the ability to report on usage we have never been able to report on previously,” as in the past acquiring the data Hines Interests was looking for presented challenges. Zey continued, “I love the fact that the product can report details about every aspect of our environment,” indicating that CardioLog’s level of accuracy, quality of results, and ease of use exceeded the organization’s expectations.

CardioLog Analytics proved true to its purpose, and Zey felt confident recommending the product to any other organizations seeking a portal analytics software stating, “Your product works […]I will always recommend a product that does what it claims to do and does it well.”

When discussing the CardioLog Analytics Support Teams level of expertise and service, Rebecca Zey and Jay Cappis both indicated that the representatives were highly responsive, knowledgeable and listened attentively to their inquiry. Members of the support team responded promptly to their inquiries, with Zey stating “Every time I have contact support – the response has been fast and the resolution quick.” CardioLog Analytics provided the best and most efficient solution for Hines Interests needs and inquiries.