CardioLog Analytics for Pharmaceutical/Life Science Organizations



How are leading life Science and pharmaceutical companies going the distance to increase internal efficiency in their portals? By recognizing the need for analytics, they are improving collaboration and increasing productivity within SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365. Learn how leaders like Teva, Allergan, Pfizer World, National Institute of Health, and Cubist are all leveraging CardioLog Analytics to increase user engagement, drive portal communications, and gain a holistic view of what’s happening in their portals.

How can the Pharmaceutical and Life Science organizations uncover the full potential of SharePoint with CardioLog Analytics?

Greater agility and efficiency in the portal– Many life science organizations are faced with the reality of submitting regulatory approvals for launching new products. This means that efficient communicating about the product is vital.

Improve internal communication- As organizations become more global, the need for greater communication and coordination across various departments spread across multiple locations and time zones increases. Analytics reports are useful for providing in-depth insights into visitor activity in the portal. Reports that show what countries and departments users are accessing the portal from are necessary for understanding portal trends. By measuring visitor activity across countries and departments, organizations can identify both strong and weak spots so they can then take appropriate steps to improve communication efforts and engage with those who are not taking full advantage of what the portal has to offer.

Reduce information overload and increase productivity– Information within and beyond the enterprise has exploded tremendously over the past decade and it is increasingly becoming difficult for people to be productive due to information overload. As a result, people spend too much time looking for the information that could have been much more easily accessible. Analytics will tell you what information is not only most popular but which is trending and is most rated by users.

Why CardioLog Analytics for Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals?

  • Compliance: CardioLog Analytics is a SharePoint reporting and analytics solution renowned for its security and consistency. The On-Prem solution adheres to compliance with the broadest range of legislation, regulations, and standards for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Organizations.
  • Control: CardioLog Analytics gives you the ability to have complete control of your data. By leveraging the On-Prem solution, you can have all your data stored within the safety and security of your own organization.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: If you’re seeking an ROI on your SharePoint portal, CardioLog Analytics is the solution for you. The tool allows you to monitor deep insights into your portal activity, which you can then use to optimize it so that both your administrators and end users get the most out of your portal.
  • Choice: CardioLog Analytics is integrated with SharePoint/Microsoft Office 365, Yammer, Sitrion, and other third pthird-partyets and extranets. It offers integration with Power BI, as well as customized APIs for other applications, customizations, CRMs, and workflow platforms like Nintex.

Want to learn more about SharePoint analytics for Life Science/Pharmaceuticals? Download Introduction to Intranet Analytics for Life Science/Pharmaceuticals