CardioLog Analytics for Financial Services

Financial Institutions are Realizing their SharePoint & Microsoft Office 365 Portal Potential with CardioLog Analytics

With CardioLog Analytics financial services organizations, including banks, credit unions, and brokerages, can achieve increased SharePoint portal adoption and enhanced communications. By leveraging advanced analytics, they are improving collaboration and increasing productivity within SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365.

Faced with the need to operate efficiently and more cost-effectively, financial organizations are met with a variety of internal challenges. Financial Institutions are embracing advanced analytics for their portals that enable them to see the big picture. They then use these intelligent insights to make important decisions to boost portal ROI and help their employees gain value from it.

How Can Financial Institutions Leverage Advanced Analytics to Drive Positive Change in SharePoint?


financial services for sharepoint and office365
Greater agility and efficiency in the portal – Increasing agility and efficiency in the portal is of utmost importance for many financial institutions. The ability to monitor how, when, and where the portal is being used is the first step in using actionable insights to drive productive change for employees. Improving navigation can greatly increase an employee’s ability to efficiently gather the information they need without having to play guessing games in the portal.

Improve the Mobile Experience – Mobile access to the portal is becoming increasingly necessary for users. Financial service employees need to be able to access their documents on the go, whenever and wherever they see fit. How do you know if your users are finding what they need when navigating on mobile or tablet devices? CardioLog Analytics provides tailored reports for monitoring all aspects of the mobile platform. Learn what devices and browsers your users are navigating to the portal on, so you can optimize the user experience to make it as seamless as possible.

Leverage user insights to Improve User Adoption – What’s the secret weapon to making a SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365 portal great? The users themselves. Leveraging analytics helps portal administrators and business decision makers understand the user challenges and weak spots in the portal. This first-hand knowledge is imperative for making informed, data-driven business decisions about how to improve the portal and make it of use to the employees.

Some of the Leading Financial Services Organizations who are using CardioLog Analytics: