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As a leading European aircraft manufacturer, ATR was looking for a concrete and regularly used solution to monitor portal user activity and identify intranet portal usage patterns. A European joint venture company, formed by Aerospatiale, (now EADS), and Aeritalia, (now Alenia Aermacchi, part of the Finmeccanica group), ATR was formed in 1981 and has grown to be the regional leader in aircraft manufacturing, spreading across 90 countries with 180 operation centers, with sales exceeding 1200 aircrafts.

With 4 business divisions that branch out into numerable subdivisions, importing data and distributing it into SharePoint User Categories from the ATR intranet and extranet portals was essential to optimize both sites, but complex with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010 being used. Microsoft France presented ATR with three analytics products, and ATR concluded CardioLog Analytics would best address their needs. With the use of CardioLog Analytics, ATR’s intranet and extranet portal performance and productivity increased, and identifying vital information regarding user activity was made efficient and easy.

The Challenge

Organized into four business units with each one requiring intranet or extranet use daily, ATR’S overwhelming amount of users and categories presented the challenge to find a tool that could drilldown further into the sites’ usage, going as deep as investigating subsites and categories of users. With the company’s expansion, ATR found it increasingly important to monitor the intranet and extranet activities of each division and individual, particularly with the company using both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

With the SharePoint out-of-the-box analytics solutions presenting an insufficient means for understanding intranet and extranet productivity, ATR recognized that collect and analyzing the sites’ data would not suffice, and they needed a tool to monitor user access and behavior, lacking a consistent solution. The company needed a means to increase their intranet and extranet functionality, optimize the sites and find a better solution. ATR realized that if their intranet and extranet sites’ data was easily imported and distributed in user categories into a tool, they could have a broad and in-depth scope of both sites’ usage. CardioLog Analytics then came into the picture as the top solution for ATR’s needs, benchmarked with two other competing products presented to the company by Microsoft France.

The Solution

CardioLog Analytics easily accesses and imports data to “User Categories” from SharePoint, presenting a convenient and organized means of monitoring intranet and extranet data, providing detailed information on users and their divisions. ATR was thus able to monitor both their intranet and extranets with CardioLog Analytics with the ability to “[…] easily drill down to the relevant data and allowing us to effortlessly monitor a specific section of the website or a specific category of users, based on User Categories,” indicated Antonio Esposito, IT Senior Project Manager. CardioLog Analytics collects personal data from the Active Directory and identifies the activity of each user.

CardioLog’s overall performance was highly praised, with Antonio Esposito clearly indicatingthat he would recommend the software. “CardioLog helped us achieve our analytical objectives by allowing us to easily drill down to the relevant data and allowing us to effortlessly monitor a specific section of the website or a specific category of users, based on User Categories,” Esposito stated. With a general ease of implementation, ATR was pleased to state that in times of need, CardioLog Analytics’ Team of Support Experts were excellent, helping ATR overcome any issues with patience and confidence.

With the successful and popular usage of CardioLog Analytics on their extranet system, ATR then purchased an additional license for their intranet portal. ATR webmasters use CardioLog Analytics regularly, providing company managers and relevant employees with updated data and statistics on both their intranet and extranets site with a centralized monthly report.