SharePoint Analytics for Educational Institutions

Leading educational Institutions are utilizing SharePoint Analytics to improve their internal processes and boost their portal productivity. By implementing intelligent analytics for SharePoint & Microsoft Office 365, they’re enhancing internal communication efforts and organizational protocols, launching feedback initiatives, and encouraging the spreading of ideas throughout the organization.

How can Educational Institutions uncover the full potential of SharePoint/Microsoft Office 365 with analytics and reporting?

Improve Processes for Teachers, Administrators & Principles

  • Teachers notice a pattern that a specific question and/or topic was continuously answered incorrectly on a test, so he/she can:
    • – Check to see if the materials (documents, powerpoints, practice exams, etc.) that were posted to aid students in studying were accessed
    • – Check to see if the resources uploaded with the intent to explain the topic are clear and specific enough
    • – Check the average time spent on an uploaded homework assignment
  • Make sure one cannot click to next page under X amount of minutes
  • Create individual dashboards for teachers with various homework assignments
  • Enable dashboards for a principal to show the most and least active teachers
  • Create metrics to show what teachers are searching for in the portal, indicating what resources they need
  • Check searches to see if students are able to find what they’re looking for: powerpoints and more (check to make sure that all links are accessible and up to date)

Boost Event Attendance

Important events are expensive! How can you prevent no one showing up?

  • Check page views for event
  • Check searches to see if people have been trying to search for the event and are not successful if so, users can change the search terms to make finding it easier
  • Check which pages get the most views and advertise events on those pages making the event more obvious in the environment

Enhance Communication

  • Ensure that contacting teachers and administrators is an easy process by checking search success
  • Enhance feedback by administering surveys to get portal feedback to improve processes
  • Send links with evaluation surveys
  • Understand how many people have taken surveys and how much time people are spending on surveys
  • These metrics allow you to decide whether or not feedback about services, teachers, and administrators is a valid source for guidance in taking action
  • Utilize insights to understand if surveys need to be changed to make them less time consuming or add “agree” button where people must agree that they read how seriously the feedback will be taken

Make services easily accessible

  • Enable students to connect, share ideas and help each other with projects – finding the email addresses of your peers can be difficult.
  • Did all the searches for finding tutoring fail? Which terms are students using to find assistance?
  • Student help centers
  • Make all information available on the portal – locations, times, emails, etc.
  • Check which groups (majors) are using online resources the most
  • Check to see if library resources are easily found

Strengthen Parent Involvement

  • Create reports to ensure that all parents have signed that they’ve seen report cards
  • Understand which homework and curriculum updates resonate most with parents
  • Get an idea of which resources are most helpful for children to learn – homework, books, library services, etc.
  • Check to see which parents are using these sources

Utilize Discussion Boards

  • Most popular content for discussion boards can give teachers insights on which topics are most important to their students
  • Teachers can see students being active learners
  • Note which topics were discussed in class and which were not mentioned to know what to spend time on in the upcoming class

Educate Users on New Technology

A new portal technology has come about, and training has been provided

  • Check who is not going through the training
  • See who has completed the training and is most active in the portal
  • Leverage these insights to make the early adopters leaders and duplicate their success