Testimonials & Success Stories – Phoenix

Phoenix has been a leading insurance company for over 60 years and manages billions of dollars in assets. Phoenix has more than 1,500 employees and over 5,000 partnerships with contractors, dealers and resellers who distribute Phoenix’s products. Phoenix’s online selling activities are a vital channel for the company’s revenue. Since 2008, CardioLog Analytics has been in use at Phoenix to monitor their extended SharePoint environments which include internet, intranet and extranet.

With CardioLog analytics and usage reports, Phoenix is enabled to make more informed managerial decisions that relate to the company’s IT maintenance, administration and more. The results of such decisions have led to dramatically improved response times. CardioLog Analytics is in use by an entire department of Phoenix web analytics experts who provide insights to the company’s various departments. Some of these insights include tracking hits, unique visits, number of page views, unique key words and other vital information without the need to custom develop the solution. CardioLog Analytics analyzes millions of events per month with a specific emphasis on three SharePoint environments. CardioLog Analytics is accompanied by a unique functionality that enables dedicated security roles and permissions per user and groups, such as administrators, analysts and information workers.

CardioLog Analytics provides over one thousand Phoenix intranet users with enhanced reports about page views, visitors, and searches. In addition, CardioLog Analytics is used to monitor the portal documents and the nature of their usage. In the company’s extranet portal, an external secure site used by partners, CardioLog Analytics enables Phoenix to monitor the usage and patterns of these visitors. While in the Phoenix internet site, an external secure site serving insurance customers, the CardioLog Analytics system supports the launch of new consumer services and applications, special deals, ad hoc campaigns and more. Moreover, for the internet site, Phoenix uses the CardioLog Analytics API in order to monitor and analyze 3rd party applications used for commercial purposes like car and travel insurance. These applications contain several stage wizards. CardioLog Analytics monitors each stage, reporting on how many users completed all steps, where users stopped in the process, and so forth.

With CardioLog Analytics reports, Phoenix is able to quickly fine-tune the portals’ content to maximize its end-user satisfaction and to leverage the portals’ offering to create a meaningful ROI business model utilizing thousands of visitors.