Testimonials & Success Stories – State Government


A State Government was seeking a solution to enhance and organize their SharePoint environments, and with a user base of 50,000, they needed a sophisticated analytics solution that was capable of providing them with comprehensive, data- driven answers. Their technology goals were to develop an information technology strategy and to implement systems capable of managing both current needs and anticipated growth.After testing a variety of other products on the market through a rigorous committee process, they found CardioLog Analytics to be the best fit. Their large hybrid environment includes multiple versions of SharePoint and a non-SharePoint website. CardioLog was able to track everything at once, thus streamlining everything into one simple analytics process. This methodology and the blend offered between service and price was ideal.

The Challenge

With a very large user base and infrastructure, this state government faced a variety of challenges that required a deeper insight into their SharePoint experience.

A major challenge the organization faced was that there wasn’t enough qualitative data about the users in the portal environment. This inhibited administrators in their approach to enhance and organize the content on the intranet site so that it could be tailored according to the needs of the users.

They found that users weren’t accessing sites regularly, the resources weren’t organized, and that they needed data driven answers. The users generally needed help with workflow processes and help contacting others in the department. As an organization that’s 50,000 people strong, there can be difficulty getting in touch with the right people. Improving forms, contacts, and the opportunities for collaboration among users were the most important issues they faced. How this was made possible, you ask? Read on.

The Solution

CardioLog Analytics was able to provide key insights that made corporate communications for this local government more efficient and effective. They were able to provide administrators with answers to questions like “Are people coming into the environment and getting the right information they’re looking for?”

After getting a clear sense of what content is most popular and what content is not being used through CardioLog Analytics’ specialized content reports, the administrators were then able to identify the different elements happening on each page. If a user needed a certain form or contact from a page, they were able to pin-point whether or not they were getting their final product.

They were able to tighten up their navigation bar, better control users experience, and get users the information they need swiftly and with precision. Additionally, content managers used the program to measure their involvement with their community, thus tracking the currency of pages. After monitoring with CardioLog Analytics, they were able to provide the most engaging content for users. Lastly, they took advantage of CardioLog Analytics’ collaboration and engagement tools, more specifically the surveys and message bars. By placing voice of customer surveys within the portal, administrators could get a completely accurate assessment as to whether the portal was helpful for users, and what users specifically needed assistance with. The message bar tool transformed the way administrators were able to communicate with users, by relaying information through the message bar such as company- wide announcements, events, and various questions.

Going even further, they were able to streamline their content across the organization by sharing what a site should look like with other departments. CardioLog Analytics allowed for one department to give another department information and an understanding of how content should look within the organization. Together they used CardioLog Analytics to test changes, as well as efficiency. When working within an internal environment like an intranet, one organization administrator mentioned that they want their users to get in and out as quickly as possible. This is an indication that users are finding the necessary documents they need in the timeliest fashion. This was the bottom line for their needs, and they were met with great enthusiasm by CardioLog Analytics.

Great appreciation for CardioLog Analytics as a useful tool, with administrators stating that the feature of using surveys and banners within the portal is something that’s not part of the native SharePoint program, and the fact that CardioLog Analytics allows for an organization to get closer to the user in this way was very useful. Administrators also added that the widget tool took their user experience one step further, relaying that it was very intuitive.

They also added that CardioLog Analytics support service has been very responsive stating that their experience with support was very satisfying, as they answered the requests very politely, and were flexible, professional and careful about delivering their information.