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Burns & McDonnell, a leading engineering, architecture, construction, environmental, and consulting firm, is experiencing significant growth, adding about 1,000 employees annually. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, the company supports a diverse network of around 13,000 employees and users. In the face of such rapid expansion, maintaining effective internal communication through their SharePoint environment is a top priority.

The Challenge:

Navigating Rapid Growth and Dynamic Content Engagement

As Burns & McDonnell continues to grow, the company faces the complex task of scaling its SharePoint environment to meet the needs of an ever-increasing workforce. This challenge is heightened by the unique nature of their SharePoint system, which grants employees across different departments the autonomy to create and manage content. This democratic approach to content management, while fostering engagement and creativity, also introduces challenges in monitoring and understanding how this content is utilized by the growing number of users.

The primary concern for Burns & McDonnell was to ensure that their SharePoint environment remained an effective communication tool, capable of adapting to the increasing scale of the company and the evolving dynamics of its workforce. They needed a solution that could provide detailed insights into user engagement with the content and help them understand the actual impact of their internal communications.

The Solution:

In response to these challenges, Burns & McDonnell integrated Cardiolog Analytics SaaS with their SharePoint environment. This analytics tool delivered the depth and range of insights necessary to effectively manage the challenges of a swiftly growing workforce and the varied content on their SharePoint platform.

Enhanced Management, Control, and Scalability

Marjie Goodman, snr communication strategist at Burns & McDonnell, oversees the SharePoint system and has found immense value in using Cardiolog Analytics. She remarks on its effectiveness, stating, “It gives me control, allows me to have a handle on what’s going on.” This control is essential in managing the diverse and dynamic content and user interactions within their SharePoint environment.

Moreover, the scalability of Cardiolog Analytics has been a critical aspect of its success at Burns & McDonnell. As the company grows, so does the capability of Cardiolog Analytics to provide relevant and actionable insights, ensuring the SharePoint environment remains an effective tool for communication and collaboration.

Tackling Inefficiencies and Confirming Actual User Interactions

Cardiolog Analytics has proven invaluable in uncovering inefficiencies within the SharePoint platform and providing a truthful depiction of user interactions versus perceived usage. In a rapidly expanding company, it is crucial to distinguish between how users are believed to interact with the platform and how they actually do. Cardiolog Analytics bridges this gap, offering concrete data that drives informed decision-making and optimizes the SharePoint environment for an increasing user base.

Marjie, overseeing the SharePoint system, expressed high satisfaction with the quality, intuitiveness, and usage experience of Cardiolog Analytics. Before settling on Cardiolog Analytics, the IT team had explored Microsoft 365’s out-of-the-box analytics and Google Analytics. While these tools provided a general overview of interactions, they fell short in offering customizable reports to meet specific needs.

Marjie highlighted the flexibility and responsiveness of the CardioLog Analytics Products team as a significant strength. Their willingness to customize reports and adapt to Burns & McDonnell’s unique requirements set CardioLog Analytics apart. The team’s effort in customization was particularly valued, as it played a crucial role in providing the precise analytics solutions that Burns & McDonnell needed.


The implementation of Cardiolog Analytics SaaS has marked a substantial advancement for Burns & McDonnell, enabling the company to manage its internal communications effectively during a period of rapid growth. Marjie Goodman’s experience highlights the platform’s ability to provide comprehensive insights, scalability, and control, essential for navigating the complexities of an expanding digital workplace. This case study demonstrates how specialized analytics solutions can empower organizations to adapt their digital platforms effectively, aligning with organizational growth and changes.

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