CardioLog Analytics – SaaS FAQ

As a SaaS solution that hosts multiple organizations, how are they segregated?

We host the solutions on a dedicated Azure server in the event that a customer is interested in complete segregation.​

What kind of security and/or authentication is offered?

Security authentication is provided via Azure security standards.

Can a minimal amount of access be given to Intlock or the hosting staff so that only designated people can access the information and datastores?

Local user accounts can be used or SSO (Single Sign-On) can be configured using ADFS.

What exact kind of data does CardioLog collect?

The data that is sent and stored by default is: timestamp, page URL, user ID, session ID, browser type and operating system, IP address. Additional information about the user can be retrieved from Active Directory or SharePoint user profiles (configurable). For example the user name, email, department, location etc.

What level of security and encryption is used for the connection to the SaaS?

The data is sent over using HTTPS/SSL.​

Who at Intlock would ever have access to our data and in what capacity?

a) We would like to clarify ​that data means usage information and not actual portal data or actual content information.
b) Our support engineering team has access to the system which is hosted on Azure.
c) Access to any customer data is allowed for bug fixing and/or configuration, only after an authorized request was approved by the head of the engineering support team.

Does Intlock provide access to a customer’s data if they choose to stop utilizing the service and would like to have a copy of it ? Is there a disposal process for data in such cases?

An option for data archival / backup copy is available assuming that (a) the account is still active (was not deactivated) and (b) within the following disclaimers:

I) The service was provided for a period of thirty-six (36) months or longer – one time data archive / backup​ will be provided for free​ at the end of the services, upon customer specific request
II) The service was provided for a period of less than thirty-six (36) months – one time data archive / backup​ will be provided via professional services efforts and will be billed separately​ at the end of the services, upon customer specific request

Once the service is ended, the data and/or software is removed.

How does CardioLog Analytics SaaS Solution connect to SharePoint On-Premises environments?

CardioLog SaaS is hosted on an Azure server and utilizes a site-to-site VPN to communicate to the monitored environment.