SharePoint Online Reporting & Analytics (Office365)

As enterprises have continued to expand their on-line and internal efforts, one central topic has stayed at the forefront of the portal discussion: the cloud. The number of organizations opting to situate themselves on the cloud is increasing daily, resulting in many employees grinning on cloud nine.Cloud-based services offer organizations a variety of benefits to make their business efforts as seamless as possible. As enthusiasm for the cloud-based platform has grown, CardioLog Analytics has kept pace by offering sophisticated SharePoint Online reporting.

sharepoint online reporting

Key Features: Office 365 Reports | SharePoint Online

  • Collection of usage and analytics data into your corporate network
  • Control over portal structure and content
  • No programming or tools required – setup is quick and easy
  • Secure data connection and transfer – usage data is securely transferred into your corporate network
  • Multiple tenants – connection to multiple SharePoint Online tenants
  • High performance – support for large, enterprise level portals
  • Integration of User Profiles – from SharePoint Online

CardioLog Analytics’ SharePoint Online (Office 365) Adaptor is specifically designed to track SharePoint systems on the cloud, with minimal configuration effort. The adaptor is installed, along with CardioLog Analytics, on a dedicated server in the corporate network or hosted on Windows Azure. A SharePoint feature is installed on each site collection, which adds JavaScript tracking code automatically in order to track the portal.

Both enterprises and small to medium size businesses are recognizing the benefits of placing their SharePoint portals on the cloud. CardioLog Analytics offers specific SharePoint Online reports to track which types of browsers and devices users are entering the portal on. With the added flexibility and mobility from SharePoint Online, organizations can now track their usage and develop deep insights on their users mobile behavior, informing then on how they should invest their mobile optimization efforts.

Imagine this

An organization with over tens of thousands of employees needs to track its SharePoint Online (Office 365) usage. CardioLog Analytics offers a bold answer to this challenge, with a advanced integration and tailored SharePoint Online reports. It can easily analyze the portal with the option for visitor segmentation according to an organization’s portal contact information. This is all done while adhering to an organization’s goals and desire for a cloud-based integration. Within one brilliantly designed dashboard, a bird’s eye perspective of the SharePoint portal allows this organization to both zoom out and zoom in at their convenience, at which point they’re really soaring above the clouds.


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