Single vs. Multiple Properties in Google Analytics

Should one single property be used for all sections of a website, or a number of separate properties the better choice? This post aims at explaining why I believe that separated properties are sometimes better than a single property. I will, of course, try to provide you with all the necessary information for making an[…]

google analytics

Event Tracking vs. Virtual Pageviews

Straightforward page-tracking can be easily performed using Google Analytics, but what happens when we want to track more complex activities, such as watching a video, clicking on an external link, or switching between tabs on a single-page application?   Such activity tracking can be performed using one of the following two methods: Event Tracking: By[…]

Event Tracking vs. Virtual Pageviews

Changes in the Web Analytic Market Landscape, Part II

In my previous post, I described the changes that the Web Analytics Industry has seen over the past 6 years (more or less). From there being very few vendors, we have now reached a point where for each segment there are literally dozens of companies offering their services. In addition, huge changes have occurred in[…]

My two cents about Clicky’s new bounce rate definition

Clicky recently redefined the term “bounce rate”. According to the post that they published, they now define “bounce” as “a visitor who has only one pageview, and who is on the site for less than 30 seconds.” While the basic idea is good, I would like to raise several issues regarding the implementation of their[…]