Choosing the Best Web Analytic Tools for your Web Analytics Suite

People often ask me what, in my opinion, is the best set of tools for a complete web analytic solution. Unfortunately, there are very few comprehensive solutions, and they are extremely expensive, such as Omniture or Unica, which provide almost all necessary tools in one package – for a “small” fee of just tens of[…]

_setCampValues for Google Analytics

A few months ago I published a post about setting GA campaign tracking using JavaScript, offering a detailed explanation of the problem (the fact Google Analytics does not provide a way for setting campaign tracking information using JavaScript), together with a solution for overcoming this problem (implementing extra JavaScript coding).   Many people have since[…]

Setting GA campaign tracking using JavaScript

Google Analytics offers two options for tracking your online campaigns (Google AdWords auto-tagging aside): 1. Google’s built-in campaign tracking parameters (e.g., utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign).   2. Your own specific campaign parameters, mapped to the correct keys in JavaScript (e.g., _setCampSourceKey and _setCampMediumKey, etc.) Unfortunately, these two options are not always available. For example, your[…]