Employee Gamification Examples – Gamify Daily Tasks

Gamification is one of the new and groundbreaking techniques employed to increase employee engagement and productivity in the workplace. But how exactly do you apply this in the workplace for higher rates of success? Take a closer look at some of the best employee gamification examples and ideas for daily tasks. 6 Best Employee Gamification[…]

6 best employee gamification examples

How Targeted Communication Can Drive Employee Engagement

Many businesses are beginning to realize the importance of employee engagement. In 2017, 88% of businesses aimed to improve employee engagement, according to a Virgin Pulse survey. Most firms use traditional email lists for internal communication, which leave a majority of employees feeling dissatisfied and unheard. Many companies are now switching to smarter engagement software solutions[…]

Content Adoption on Microsoft 365 - A Comparison Guide

Why is Employee Engagement Important?

In recent years, the field of employee engagement has seen increasing attention as firms focus on investing in future growth. In a Harvard Business Review survey of senior-level executives, 71% of respondents considered employee engagement a very important factor in achieving organizational success, making it one of the most highly-cited factors. Additionally, a Virgin Pulse[…]

Why is employee engagement important?

Why Most Companies are Failing to Engage Employees

Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of any business. Studies have repeatedly shown the important role engagement plays in driving productivity and profitability. Still, most businesses struggle to keep employees engaged at work. Most firms and executives are aware of the importance of employee engagement. A GloboForce report found that over a third of businesses[…]