Analyzing Visitor Paths Using Google Analytics

Are you able to answer the following questions precisely: What is the exact trail each and every visitor goes through on your site prior to completing a goal? How many visits, pageviews or minutes are required until the average visitor converts? A few months ago I published a post about Goal Analysis and Distance to[…]

Event Tracking vs. Virtual Pageviews

Straightforward page-tracking can be easily performed using Google Analytics, but what happens when we want to track more complex activities, such as watching a video, clicking on an external link, or switching between tabs on a single-page application?   Such activity tracking can be performed using one of the following two methods: Event Tracking: By[…]

Event Tracking vs. Virtual Pageviews

Unbounce and Visual Website Optimizer as your Testing Platform

Summary: Unbounce and Visual Website Optimizer are both good candidates for a Testing platform. Each covers different aspects and has its pros and cons. In this post I will compare the two and explain why in my opinion, using both of them together is probably the best solution available out there at the moment.  […]

Changes in the Web Analytic Market Landscape, Part II

In my previous post I described the changes that the Web Analytics Industry has seen over the past 6 years (more or less). From there being very few vendors, we have now reached a point where for each segment there are literally dozens of companies offering their services. In addition, huge changes have occurred in[…]

Goal Analysis (Part II) – Measuring Distances to Goal Completion

In the post about the differences between first, total and unique goal completions, I talked about the possible differences between site goals and business goals, and how different metrics might be required to measure the latter. In a nutshell, there are goals where the total number of completions is important, such as total number of[…]

Choosing the Best Web Analytic Tools for your Web Analytics Suite

People often ask me what, in my opinion, is the best set of tools for a complete web analytic solution. Unfortunately, there are very few comprehensive solutions, and they are extremely expensive, such as Omniture or Unica, which provide almost all necessary tools in one package – for a “small” fee of just tens of[…]

_setCampValues for Google Analytics

A few months ago I published a post about setting GA campaign tracking using JavaScript, offering a detailed explanation of the problem (the fact Google Analytics does not provide a way for setting campaign tracking information using JavaScript), together with a solution for overcoming this problem (implementing extra JavaScript coding).   Many people have since[…]