Office 365 Adoption: How Gamification Can Help

Gamification is a powerful way to get employees more engaged, but how does it work? The psychology behind gamification explains how implementing one simple tool can increase project completion rates and employee enthusiasm at work. Through positive reinforcement and friendly competition, gamification excites and motivates users to repeat desired actions. If you’re searching for ways[…]

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Office 365 Adoption

Key business goals and objectives are achieved by increasing the adoption of the company’s intranet portal, but adoption is not the end goal itself. Increased adoption leads to a higher value of Microsoft 365, allowing you to get the most out of your investment in it. Microsoft Office 365 is only as powerful and capable[…]

Top 10 Ways to Improve Office 365 Adoption

Visualize and Explore your SharePoint Analytics Data with Power BI

If your organization is employing a SharePoint platform, analyzing and tracking activity is critical. Knowing where your visitors are coming from, what days they’re coming most frequently, and how long they’re staying are just a few of the most important insights you can use to help improve your portal and inform your decision making. If you’re[…]