Tips for Interpreting a Click Map Report

Click Maps are great reports to use so you can easily visualize traffic, conversion, and success metrics within the pages of your SharePoint portal. It’s important to understand exactly what these metrics are telling you, otherwise, your efforts to create click maps may become futile. Here are a few tips for understanding how to create[…]

Click Map Report: 3 Tips for Interpretation

What are the differences between Basecamp and SharePoint? Which one is better?

Most people know BaseCamp as a project management software platform and SharePoint as a tool for collaborative work and communication. The truth is, there is actually more to these two than what they are known for. Often, organizations and employers choose between tools for their teams and employees. But which intranet solution is better? Here’s[…]

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Microsoft Stream – What You Need to Know

Microsoft Stream is a business-focused video platform that makes it possible to store, share, and collaborate. If you are looking for the best tools to facilitate team collaboration and communication, make sure you consider this tool and discover how to use it.  Introduction to Microsoft Stream Microsoft Stream is a video service that is designed[…]

introduction to Microsoft stream

Visualize and Explore your SharePoint Analytics Data with Power BI

If your organization is employing a SharePoint platform, analyzing and tracking activity is critical. Knowing where your visitors are coming from, what days they’re coming most frequently, and how long they’re staying are just a few of the most important insights you can use to help improve your portal and inform your decision making. If you’re[…]