Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Intlock?

Intlock, developer of CardioLog Analytics, has been a leader in the field of SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 analytics and reporting since 2005. It's products - CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite - provide web-analytics and online marketing solutions for enterprise-level intranet portals and websites. Intlock's products deliver deep insights into the performance of portal and web initiatives through testing, tracking and targeting, ultimately enabling organizations to optimize their portal's impact and maximize their return on investment. The solution is available for both On-Prem and SaaS deployments.

Intlock is led by a team of experts in the fields of application development, knowledge management, web analytics, portal monitoring and control, and software engineering. Intlock's products and solutions are installed in organizations from various industries, including financial services, telecommunication, entertainment services and others.

Intlock firmly believes that partner alliances are a beneficial way to help enhance the product as well as strengthen alliances within the SharePoint community. By working together, cost effectiveness and ease of implementation are greatly improved. Partner alliances shorten implementation times and enable the adaptation of the products to any technological environment a customer may have. If you wish to partner with Intlock, please contact us and we'll be glad to return to you with our partnership offering.

Is CardioLog Analytics offered as both an On-Premises and SaaS based solution?

Yes. CardioLog Analytics, designed specifically for SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365, recognizes the specific needs of your organization, offering two powerful software solutions for storing and creating SharePoint reports. Both of our On-Premises and SaaS options allow you to engage portal users, boost user productivity and improve portal collaboration. Each option, On Premises and SaaS, offer their own set of benefits. CardioLog Analytics for On-Premises deployments, offers unrivalled performance and control options, giving you control and data ownership on local machines. CardioLog Analytics SaaS is running on Microsoft Azure's cutting edge technologies, and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's powerful data visualization interface, Power BI. Whether you're happily situated On-Prem, or are reaching for the cloud, CardioLog Analytics is there to offer a solution that fits your organization's tailored needs.

Does CardioLog Analytics support SharePoint 2016?

CardioLog Analytics is fully compatible with the new release of SharePoint 2016. A main focus of the SharePoint 2016 release are the new hybrid possibilities with Microsoft Office 365. The team at CardioLog Analytics has a thorough understanding of the upcoming trends in the Microsoft community and is constantly pushing to keep up to date with the cloud-based and hybrid innovations. CardioLog Analytics is right there with you for every step of the new SharePoint 2016 experience that allows for new and improved controls, simple and natural sharing, large file support, compliance tools, an app launcher, mobile and touch, and more.

Does CardioLog Analytics work with SharePoint Online?

Yes. CardioLog Analytics provides an adaptor for cloud-based SharePoint sites that's specifically designed for remotely hosted systems. The adaptor doesn't require any programming effort and can be installed, along with CardioLog Analytics, on a remote server in your network. No installation is required on the system in the cloud. Read more

What's the difference between CardioLog Analytics and the SharePoint Marketing Suite?

Both are web analytics tools, designed to help you monitor, assess and optimize your site, but CardioLog Analytics specializes in solutions for intranet portals, while the SharePoint Marketing Suite focuses on those for internet websites.

What's the difference between the CardioLog Analytics Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition?

CardioLog Analytics' value is incomparable, when evaluating both the Professional and Enterprise Editions offered. Each of these high end bundles offer excellent mileage for organizations' ROI and the resources acquired. Read more

What's the difference between CardioLog Analytics and Google Analytics?

CardioLog Analytics, unlike Google Analytics, is specifically designed for SharePoint sites. In addition, because our analytics solution is available on-premise, it stores all data within the confines of your company or organization, ensuring privacy and giving you complete ownership of your data and of the tracking code. The tracking code is easy to implement and control, through a SharePoint Feature. With CardioLog Analytics, it's also possible to display reports within SharePoint web parts. And our reporting options are incredibly versatile, enabling you to drill deep into your data to conduct a sub-site analysis. In addition, CardioLog Analytics' full integration with Active Directory and SharePoint user profiles offers you easy access to information about the people who use your site. Read more

Is the free edition really free?

Absolutely. The CardioLog Analytics Free Edition simply stops working whenever you reach the monthly quota of 50,000 page views. There are then several ways of earning an additional 200,000 page views per month, and you can also upgrade to our commercial edition. Read more

Should I download the 30-day trial or the free edition?

The CardioLog Analytics Free Edition is designed for small companies and organizations that want to track a single farm or site with up to 250,000 page views per month. For medium-sized and enterprise businesses, we recommend our free 30-day trial of a fully functional product that resembles our commercial enterprise edition instead.Read more

Is CardioLog Analytics compatible with SharePoint 2013?

Yes. CardioLog Analytics offers analytics tools for SharePoint 2013's new cloud-apps model and mobile applications. CardioLog Analytics also supports the new taxonomy-driven site navigation of the new version of SharePoint. In addition, it enables you to track SharePoint 2013's Community Site, and it can deliver usage reports on the new search capabilities. Read more

What new features will CardioLog Analytics offer for SharePoint Subscription Edition?

There will be new and exciting features this year. To learn about all our upcoming features, check out our roadmap.

CardioLog Analytics is "designed for SharePoint." What does that mean?

CardioLog Analytics is based on the structure and content of SharePoint sites - particularly intranet portals, but also extranet and websites. Being "designed for SharePoint" means CardioLog Analytics can provide accurate and useful data on your SharePoint implementation. Among other things, it seamlessly integrates with SharePoint user profiles, enabling you to make flexible use of data on the people who use your site, and it supports the SharePoint FAST Search Server, offering insight into how people are using your FAST search engine. CardioLog Analytics is also compatible with SharePoint 2013. Read more

Can CardioLog Analytics only be used with SharePoint sites?

No. It's possible to use CardioLog Analytics with any intranet portal or website. CardioLog Analytics works through a website tree that maps out the entire structure and content of your site. It automatically generates the hierarchical structure for SharePoint-based sites, but it can be tailored to a site that isn't based on SharePoint, using our custom website tree adaptor.

How long does it take to set up CardioLog Analytics?

It usually takes no more than a few hours to install and start using CardioLog Analytics, employing our configuration wizard to connect CardioLog Analytics to your site and configure your report data. Read more