Free Edition Upgrade – Write a Blog Post

To gain additional 10,000 free page views per month, please post a story on your blog, using the following guidelines:

  1. What Challenges did you face that required a web analytics solution?
  2. How did CardioLog Analytics/SharePoint Marketing Suite help you solve these challenges?
  3. What benefits are you obtaining from CardioLog Analytics/SharePoint Marketing Suite?
  • Optimizing your intranet portal? How?
  • Saving money? On what and how much?
  • Greater efficiency? How?
  • Any other benefits?
  • Which other product(s) did you test before choosing CardioLog Analytics/SharePoint Marketing Suite? What main differences did you find?

4. Could you give an example of some Cardiolog Analytics/SharePoint Marketing Suite features that are particulalry or useful to you?

5. To summarize, please elaborate on why you chose CardioLog Analytics/SharePoint Marketing Suite, and how satisfied you are with the product and service.

Once your blog post has received at least five comments, please send the link to, and we wll assess your request for an upgrade within 72 hours.