What’s the difference between the CardioLog Analytics Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition?


CardioLog Analytics’ value is incomparable, when evaluating both the Professional and Enterprise Editions offered. Each of these high end bundles offer excellent mileage for organizations’ ROI and the resources acquired. The significant distinctions between the Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition of CardioLog Analytics are:

  • Usage: with an extensive 1 million page views per month, our Professional edition offers excellent value. With our Enterprise edition, CardioLog Analytics offers an unlimited number of page views with tremendous extensibility and breadth.
  • Real time analytics: the Professional Edition is comprehensive and robust, yet the Enterprise Edition offers our exclusive Analysis Center, allowing you to gain a thoroughly deep perspective on your portal’s data – dissecting any part of your website’s activity in real time.
  • Scalability: the Professional edition offers users high capacity of usage tracking, with the ability to collect data from up to 4 web front ends on a single SharePoint farm. Our Enterprise edition takes this generous feature one step further, and offers unlimited web front end data collection on top of unlimited numbers of SharePoint farms.
  • Adaptors: while CardioLog Analytics Professional Edition provides you with accurate analytics for a single SharePoint environment, the Enterprise Edition of CardioLog allows you to monitor multiple SharePoint environments on a single analytics dashboard, including SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and SharePoint Online.
  • API: the Enterprise edition also offers a Data Export API as a part of the out of the box SDK options available.
  • Behavioral Targeting: a practice and tool that is used within various organizations, both our Professional and Enterprise version offer this high quality tool, while it is included out of the box without additional cost with the Enterprise Edition. Behavioral Targeting is an excellent means for organizations to customize their portal interface and appearance based on visitor groups or segments. Based on the visitors using your portal, companies can ensure that the visual layout, aesthetics and content of the portal interface is customized specific to the need of users and the company’s overall goals.