Portal Search Program

The success of your portal is heavily tied up with the success and effectiveness your portal’s search. We know that search is a default behavior of many users when they enter the portal. But do we know what those users are actually looking for, and if they can find it – quickly and easily? Do we know we know where users are conducting searches from, and where they’re going to? And if a lot of people use search, how can we determine if that’s because our search is effective, or because it’s too hard to find content in the portal?

Analytics can provide you with these answers, and more.

Session 1: Initial consultation (1 hour)

  • Introduction to the topic of portal search, and common challenges it presents
  • Discussion about the customer’s goals and challenges around search
  • Discussion about the customer’s goals and challenges around measuring search
  • Review how the customer defines success


Session 2: Dashboard-building (1 hour)

  • Build custom dashboards in the customer’s environment, based on the requirements reviewed in the initial consultation
  • Configure Surveys and Message Bars
  • Where relevant, look at other areas of the tool, like templates, Analysis Centre, visitor segments, SEO reports, and more
  • This session can be held together with the customer, or our experts can build your reports on their own, based on what is most convenient for you

Session 3: Investigation and next steps (1 hour)

  • Discuss how to interpret the data in reports
  • Recommendations regarding actions to be taken based on reports

Session 4: Follow up/Q&A (1 – 1.5 hours)

  • Valid for up to 60 days after completion of Session 3
  • Requires customer to send in advance the topics and questions for this session
  • Requires customer to send in advance any relevant screenshots, diagrams and content for this session