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CardioLog Analytics – The Only On Premise SharePoint Analytics Solution for Enterprises

Every client has their own niche and market within which they aim to be a front-runner. CardioLog Analytics both empathizes and appreciates your drive to be a leader within your corporate domain. By building custom reports that best meet your requests, interests and the desired data you’re eager to track, you can surpass your basic SharePoint goals and start achieving ones that may have seemed out of reach.

Your SharePoint portal productivity will soar, as you tackles the challenges of your stockholders with focus and precision. While CardioLog Analytics offers many of the metrics listed below out of the box, we can format or visually display the data in a variety of ways. The options are vast, and the following list can give you an idea of some of the custom reports that we can create for your organization:

  • We can add custom columns or data filters to existing tables, or create new tables with information from custom sources. To give you an idea of how you can adapt our existing reports with this feature or create custom tables within an existing report, CardioLog Analytics’ team can add custom SharePoint content types as a column and additional metrics to the Page Views by Type report table so that you can view usage data filtered by your customized content type, as per your request. This allows you to understand which content type pages were viewed. The same filter can be created for the content contributions/modifications report table or charts, within our Portal Growth Reports. This way you can identify the exact type of content that was contributed or modified within your portals, and not merely identify the number of contributions and modifications.
  • Create a unified widget that displays SharePoint usage data collected by CardioLog Analytics tailored to your exact needs. For example, we can create a table with any column you’d like, (a new widget), with any metric you’d like. To illustrate this concept in further detail, imagine a custom report for a specific content type, (such as sites, discussions or even posts). Other options might be a widget indicating the number of page views, content uploaded, (as specific as content like documents), or even content that’s deleted, content that’s been edited, or number of likes a discussion or post might acquire.
  • We can create a chart that displays the number of page views per Unique Users of your SharePoint portal using it internally, versus external users that are accessing the portal from home, various company branches, and other external locations.
  • We can construct a custom table with the intricate details of your SharePoint users’ activity, offering metrics like their last login date, total views today, (in real time), total views the week prior, the month prior, total overall views and the duration of time spent on the site.
  • A custom table widget can be created to indicate the fine details of your site collection usage, including the following metrics for all subsites: the site owner, the site size, the quote size, the date the site was last modified and the number of days since the site was last accessed.
  • A fun and interactive engagement tool, like a live counter indicating to users in real time what number visitor they are on the SharePoint site, can be displayed. Statements can range based on your requirements, but an example of how you might use this tool to increase adoption levels and user engagement is with a message that states, “You are the 1,000,000 visitor of this site – to get your prize click here!”
  • Various enterprise applications are in use regularly by all members of an organization. Our team can help you by creating custom reports for enterprise applications that might be used, such as an application that records employees’ work hours. From these work hours recorded, CardioLog Analytics can create a custom report, which provides a sense of overall employee productivity with these metrics. You can identify metrics such as average employee work hours excluding their breaks, or identify the average hour that employees arrive and leave the workplace.
  • Mobile applications are becoming more and more prevalent within the corporate workplace each and every day. Our experts can custom build reports for your mobile applications, tracking, for example, the number of uploads from mobile applications to your SharePoint portal. Your organization then has a better indication of the relevance and usage of mobile applications in conjunction with your SharePoint portal.
  • To help administrators identify the number of views and overall loads coming from each SharePoint Webfront End, we can create a report that presents these metrics.