Data Integration

CardioLog Analytics – The Only On Premise SharePoint Analytics Solution for Enterprises

Businesses everywhere are hungry for more information on their lead activity within CRM databases. HR departments are looking to retain and satisfy employee needs while constantly considering company’s budgets and corporate culture. With the various technology resources that are being implemented into organizations regularly, it would only seem logical to offer enterprises the opportunity to integrate Business Intelligence systems, (like CRM databases and/or HR systems, or any related type of application), with a usage tracking solution like CardioLog Analytics. So, we’ve done it.

With our advanced technology that offers a sophisticated and innovative means to bring the world of your Business Intelligence systems into the same stratosphere and interface as our CardioLog Analytics reports, you have a user friendly and accessible means of comparing your Business Intelligence systems usage data adjacent to your overall portal usage all within one easy to use dashboard at your fingertips.

  • CardioLog Analytics offers the option for you to create a unified dashboard with data from your SharePoint environment, as well as other software like CRM and HR systems. A single dashboard can carry data about SharePoint visitors and Yammer user activity, possibly guiding you with valuable information regarding the use of social tools and adoption rates or engagement of SharePoint portal users. Reports generated regarding CRM user information and other internal applications can provide significant and highly useful data on lead activity and internal access of CRM systems to provide vital data on which leads or accounts to focus, and which ones are generating revenue opportunities.
  • With our expert developers, CardioLog Analytics has developed what seems like almost the inverse of the above stated feature that offers reports on internal Business Intelligence systems, this time offering the ability to display CardioLog Analytics reports integrated into the user interface of CRM systems, for example, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce. Within one visual space, you can view your customer or lead account information, while accessing precious data about the visitor’s activity on your SharePoint site, such as, which pages were visited, when, from which specific browsers types, how many times each page was viewed and the list can easily be augmented and adapted to meet your business needs. You now have the ability to both learn about the account and/or leads and their interests, along with their on-site behavior, and then provide them with the various service calls and relevant approaches to reach out to them with precision and knowledge of their needs.
  • CardioLog Analytics gives users the option to build reports in your Business Intelligence systems, combining data from CardioLog Analytics reports on your SharePoint portal activity and other sources like HR systems. You can even go so far as integrating any other metrics into CardioLog Analytics reports from custom sources as per your request, creating an overall integrated report with the data from both tools. A report that illustrates the practicality and usefulness of these reports’ flexibility is one that integrates metrics on SharePoint Unique Users activity via CardioLog Analytics with detailed information about HR system users to better understand employee needs and improve employee development opportunities and resources, (based on metrics such as seniority, role within the organization and more).