Enhanced Tracking

CardioLog Analytics – The Only On Premise SharePoint Analytics Solution for Enterprises

CardioLog Analytics stretches usage tracking to extensive lengths with the option to use Enhanced Tracking Reports which incorporate metrics on portal visitor interactions like button clicks, form field completion, videos that are viewed, as well as non-browser based applications, like mobile applications and others.

Over and above the out of the box metrics we offer on visitor activity, you can now have access to even more details on your users’ portal behavior and learn about their frequent usage patterns.

  • Tracking video views can provide insight on the number of people who viewed the video, the duration period of the video viewed, how many SharePoint users commented on the video, and more, offering perspective on the video’s value, specifically to those who viewed it.
  • Tracking form field activity can go as far as gathering various metrics on subscription pages, webinar registration forms, and registration for internal events and training seminars. Some of the specific metrics that can be collected include the number of people who completed the subscription forms, the number of people who may have viewed the form but did not complete or submit it, and breaking down the process in even more detail, you can find out which fields were completed and which ones might have lead users to abandon completion of the form, (perhaps offering further insight on how to amend these forms to increase registration and subscription rates). Our metrics can even indicate which webinars amongst those listed on your SharePoint site were most selected as opposed to those that had the lowest registration numbers. With intricate details like these you can acquire a deeper sense of event and content value for employees, as well as identify users’ needs to improve your overall employee engagement and really encourage company culture and development. Statistics like these can also help organizations discover training needs and which aspects of the organization are progressing effectively, while also learning more about which topics need further attention.
  • Banner tracking can help you understand the results of your SharePoint advertising efforts with the use of banners and campaigns for internal events, discounts, or announcements like employee of the month. You can generate reports that track banner or campaign clicks, the duration of site visitors’ visits to pages to which they are redirected via banners, the duration of time in which visitors remained on the page and much more, based on your needs and customization requests.
  • Reports that track mouse movements and mouse clicks can enhance your overall understanding of visitors’ behavior patterns.
  • With the increasing need for mobile device and application usage, generating reports with CardioLog Analytics that track mobile application activity, such as applications like Meeting Planner, mobile newsfeeds, and the eclectic collection of data from various support tickets systems, can give you a broader sense of the need for portal optimization for mobile users and which applications may require further SharePoint development to support them and their usage within your organization.