Feature Requests

CardioLog Analytics – The Only On Premise SharePoint Analytics Solution for Enterprises

As a company that values its customers’ needs with the goal to improve product innovation and ensure customer satisfaction, the CardioLog Analytics Research and Development team is always open to feature requests and the insight of those using our solution. We aim to be leaders in our area of expertise with every move we make, be it Research and Development, Account Management or Support Services. You can feel confident that your feature request will both be treated with the greatest consideration of your business needs, in addition to being most appreciated and offering insight to our Research and Development team.

Utilizing metrics or information on the most crucial data to your business’ continued success is what we care about above all else. With the added value of reports and features that touch on the most intricate features of your SharePoint portal challenges and queries, your ability to increase productivity via metrics that fuel high quality optimization is now vast and offers endless possibilities. Here are some ideas that could spark your interest or inspire the wheels to start turning for future product features you might be interested in:

  • Send a CardioLog Analytics report as an attachment and not a link, saving you the additional step of exporting the data from the report you navigate to with our standardized link generation. Receive your reports in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or PDF document and have the data you require at hand.
  • Resize the widgets in the CardioLog Analytics reports.
  • Drag & drop reports into CardioLog Analytics’ Report Center tree structure for easy access and organization of your data.

Our team of developers will be happy to address your requests and build new custom features based on your requirements so that you’re ability to learn and better understand your organization’s SharePoint portal is simplified, magnified and leads to quicker and efficiently produced results.