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The client is a full-service international law firm with a wide array of corporate, litigation and regulatory practices. Over 2,700 employees use their intranet portal across the United States, United Kingdom and China.

They were seeking an in-depth solution to help them understand exactly what type of content was being consumed and what type of features were being used by the different segments and verticals of their organization. The client needed a solution that could deliver concise insights about vital portal activity and provide them with both wide angle and deep comprehension, while also being fully customizable. After testing several analytics tools, the decision to use CardioLog Analytics was evident; CardioLog Analytics was the best reporting and engagement solution that could deliver accurate and comprehensive insights on various aspects of portal activity to help the client improve user adoption and increase the portal’s return on investment (ROI).

The Challenge

The client is a law firm with offices across three continents.

They set their sights on reaching higher business goals through the firm’s SharePoint portal. The client needed a sophisticated monitoring and reporting solution in order to understand which users were viewing different sites and pages. They were interested in an advanced analytics solution to know precisely which content and features users were viewing or accessing in order to increase productivity and collaboration. Another challenge for the client —as with other legal, finance and public sectors— was the necessity of a secured solution. Without a secure analytics system in place, they were unable to assess activity and therefore also not able to improve their internal productivity, collaboration and engagement levels. 

The client’s intranet manager was tasked with understanding the content and features used by various segments of the organization. The firm’s previous tracking tool was not robust enough; they needed a full-scale solution to monitor activity and to understand how users were interacting with the portal. 

The Solution

The client turned to CardioLog Analytics to improve available information and offer important insights into user engagement with their SharePoint environment.

CardioLog Analytics, which monitors all SharePoint environments as well all the apps within Office 365, was able to save the firm time and effort by providing vital SharePoint data insights at their fingertips and enabling them to improve internal user adoption and productivity. The solution delivered reports more quickly and efficiently than previous analytics solutions leveraged. 

In addition to being a full-scale solution, CardioLog Analytics’ ability to give detailed and accurate information with a click of a button, improved the client’s measurement efforts dramatically. The ability to customize CardioLog Analytics’ reports was an added bonus to the client, enabling them to take advantage of features focused on adoption.

The firm used the navigation report function to gain a thorough understanding of the full navigation path of their users, detailing various scenarios on how visitors arrived at certain sites and the paths they followed while navigating certain sites, and where they leave from.

Unique user reports allowed them to look into and filter by the location, department and staff classification to know exactly who is looking at which sites and pages so they are able to see who was viewing key pieces of information and more importantly, who lacked training, education and updated information.

When asked about CardioLog Analytics helping them save money, the Intranet Manager said that since they started utilizing CardioLog Analytics’s revolutionary reports, they have been able to cut costs due to them not spending time and money on features that are not being used. They also save time because there is no need to create reports on their own against log files.

Since the firm deployed CardioLog Analytics about 3 years ago, they have finally been able to prioritize their work by getting insights into who (groups, roles, etc.) is using or perhaps not using a feature. They can provide targeted support to groups who are under-utilizing the intranet. CardioLog Analytics presented an excellent solution for their needs. Their greatest challenge was finding a product that would cover the broad spectrum of reports they were seeking and CardioLog Analytics proved to provide detailed data on every aspect and area of their portal.

As the team that supports the intranet, they are often asked by other departments across the firm, information such as who is using their sites and content. They are extremely happy that usage reports at a granular level help them to have conversations with those business owners about ways to improve their site and better meet their goals.  

With the help of CardioLog Analytics, the firm has been able to gain a holistic perspective on all the inner-workings of their portal, to make intelligible business decisions, increase user productivity and spark collaboration within various segments of their organization. Consequently, they were also able to dramatically improve their user adoption and increase their overall portal’s return on investment (ROI).

It was very important for their leadership team to know that their work has a positive impact and therefore they have developed a regular reporting cadence that includes quantitative and qualitative information that helped this matter.

The Intranet Manager says that they are extremely satisfied with CardioLog Analytics’ quality. It is a stable product that is not only accurate but also intuitive, and in terms of deployment they have found it easy to deploy. “It is a good tool for insights into what, when and who is looking at your intranet. This information helps in planning future development, maintaining content, and in collaborating with our business customers.”

When discussing the CardioLog Analytics Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the Support Teams’ level of expertise and service, the Intranet Manager says in regards to contacting support they have been very happy with the service. They have had to contact support on a couple of occasions and they have gotten a response on the same day each time which was very helpful to them to resolve any time sensitive issues that might have hindered their productivity.

This firm more than got the utility out of CardioLog Analytics that they needed or even hoped for. With CardioLog Analytics being so robust, adaptive and insightful allowing them to build their own reports and also thanks to the ease their use, they were able to easily slice and dice the data,  get those necessary insights they longed for and ultimately gave rise to their organization obtaining better performance and higher accomplishments.