Testimonials & Success Stories – Allergan Inc.


Allergan, a large-scale pharmaceutical corporation with international offices, has highly prioritized reaching their business goals while ensuring employee efficiency. 11,400 employees all occupy their own significant role within offices worldwide, and the last thing anyone seeking information or looking to access content within their intranet or extranet environments needs are setbacks in achieving progress. With Allergan’s broad spectrum of SharePoint environments used throughout their offices for various purposes, the company was in need of a solution that would both address the range of SharePoint sites used and comply with the security requirements of the company. Having explored two other competitors and their offerings, Allergan turned to CardioLog Analytics, finding that the software best addressed their needs. CardioLog Analytics was able to save money for the corporation and give them tools to increase ROI. They also helped the company understand the effectiveness of their site, and various integral functions of SharePoint intranet and extranet sites.

The Challenge

Multiple SharePoint environments, various resources for employees, partners, team collaboration requirements, and thousands of documents, pages, and searches need to be easily accessed in order to contribute to one of a company’s top objectives: ROI. Allergan was faced with a variety of SharePoint intranet and extranet environments in their offices globally: MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010 + FAST, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365. Every day, a multitude of dynamic environments are in use by Allergan’s internal employees. These include: daily collaboration, reaching out to partners with an extranet site, special applications use, and regular search. How does a company with 11,400 employees monitor each of these environments in depth and with one solution?

The answer: CardioLog Analytics.


With all of these factors to consider, how does a corporation with thousands of employees and multiple SharePoint environments save money with the use of an analytics software? One of the brilliant features CardioLog Analytics offers is an analysis of which external sites are reached via the organization’s intranet. David Wolf, the primary technical resource and SharePoint expert on premises at Allergan tells us:

“CardioLog has been instrumental in justifying the value of the company’s investment in SharePoint as a technology and how best to deploy more (or reduce) the hardware resources allocated to the various environments.”

Reports like page visits enable Allergan to recognize the effectiveness of their intranet, special applications and team sites, allowing SharePoint administrators to consider amendments that may increase efficiency of their various SharePoint environments. This can be particularly important for the extranet partner sites whereby external business that increases profit can be increased with a user-friendly and optimized site. David Wolf indicated:

“CardioLog enables them to determine how short-term campaigns are received, allowing very quick turnaround if changes are required.”

Analytics at Allergan is now a routine part of managers and analysts’ assessment of SharePoint environment needs and optimization. Reporting specifics are carefully considered and requested to gain the required data for specific projects and goals at hand.

“We work closely with our various stakeholders to learn how they want to use usage analytics, and create reports for them […] our team manages the admin piece and provides User Analytics Reporting as a service – through ad hoc or scheduled reports.”

Allergan emphasized their high levels of satisfaction with CardioLog Analytics’ as a high quality, and stable product that allowed for precision and accuracy. The innovative and progressive approach CardioLog Analytics takes to ensuring that customer needs are met with constant updates and additions to the software was noted.

“CardioLog continues to evolve to address how the industry uses SharePoint (SharePoint has evolved to become much more than a document management system and the industry continues to find new ways to use it).”

On a final note, as a corporation that depends regularly on the reports CardioLog Analytics generates, Allergan was very pleased to report their needs for customer support are always met promptly, with immediate acknowledgement.

CardioLog Analytics’ team of support experts consistently meet Allergan’s requirements with assistance, resolving any issues in real time. Wolf reports:

“We have used Intlock’s professional services several times, and they have met our requirements each time. They have been superlative in the sense that they’re very responsive, and very rarely do I need to follow up on the disposition of a support case. “I especially appreciate the willingness of support personnel to work with me online to troubleshoot and resolve problems in real time. I get online a little early in my day; they stay working a little late in their day – we usually solve problems in a single session. I am happy and our users are happy. Can’t get much better than that.”