A Different Approach to Cross-Domain Tracking

Most analytic tools use cookies to identify visitors. However, data stored in cookies is only visible in the domain in which the cookies were set/defined – which is a serious problem if your site cuts across multiple domains. If, for example, your visitor is presently on domain2.com, then your analytic tool will not be able[…]

Single vs. Multiple Properties in Google Analytics

Should one single property be used for all sections of a website, or a number of separate properties the better choice? This post aims at explaining why I believe that separated properties are sometimes better than a single property. I will, of course, try to provide you with all the necessary information for making an[…]

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My Google Tag Manager Wishlist

The Google Tag Manager (GTM) is indeed a great tool to have. Although several tag management services did exist before (such as tagman and ubertags), none of them were as simple and as easy as GTM – at least not for me. I know the GTM has only been with us for few months, and[…]

My Google Tag Manager Wishlist

Using Google Tag Manager to Enable Visitors to Opt-Out of Being Tracked

Most websites use web analytics and marketing tools to track and optimize their visitors’ behavior. Most of those tools (Google Analytics, for example) use cookies for identifying these visitors. However, in some countries, website owners are required to receive specific authorization from each and every visitor for using cookies or storing personal information – or[…]

Analyzing Visitor Paths Using Google Analytics

Are you able to answer the following questions precisely: What is the exact trail each and every visitor goes through on your site prior to completing a goal? How many visits, pageviews or minutes are required until the average visitor converts? A few months ago I published a post about Goal Analysis and Distance to[…]

Goal Analysis (Part II) – Measuring Distances to Goal Completion

In the post about the differences between first, total and unique goal completions, I talked about the possible differences between site goals and business goals, and how different metrics might be required to measure the latter. In a nutshell, there are goals where the total number of completions is important, such as total number of[…]

Choosing the Best Web Analytic Tools for your Web Analytics Suite

People often ask me what, in my opinion, is the best set of tools for a complete web analytic solution. Unfortunately, there are very few comprehensive solutions, and they are extremely expensive, such as Omniture or Unica, which provide almost all necessary tools in one package – for a “small” fee of just tens of[…]