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What distinguishes a strong, powerful and successful corporation from merely a company doing business? The skilled and sophisticated ability to build relationships and lasting partnerships. CardioLog Analytics offers an outstanding SharePoint Analytics solution that is unrivaled in the market with its boundary bending usage tracking that extends far beyond any other product on the market in its turf - both in quality and statistics. As a leader in our field, our Partners can be confident that they are building a bond with a company that offers an exceptional track record. Intlock, developer of CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite, has been in the business for nearly a full decade, with offices in Boston, Massachusetts. Our company is a certified Microsoft Partner, with just under a solid ten years of dominating the SharePoint analytics domain.

Commission and Compensation

Get rewarded for your hard work:

For all lead generation, deal generation and deals closed, we offer an attractive commission package.


Offering your customers the very best:

  • Defining web analytics goals and reporting requirements
  • Establish rapport with customers, so that your communication with them develops and continues as needed.


Making your customer's user experience simple and user friendly.

Provide full training for both CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite to ensure your customer's knowledge of the solution(s) is just as comprehensive as the tool itself


Database maintenance of your customer's CardioLog Analytics solution


Taking your customer's CardioLog Analytics reports to the next level:

  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM systems, HR systems and various Business Intelligence systems based on customer needs and requested customization
  • Integration with external user metadata
  • Integration of your solution with ours to offer an optimal package to customers
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