Meet Our SharePoint Experts & MVPs

Every Great Solution Needs a Superhero

Expert Tom

SharePoint Experts help to deliver an incredible experience and know-how with SharePoint and Microsoft 365 services, including analytics, reporting, migration, adoption, productivity and more. Armed with On-Prem and Cloud-Based in-depth proficiency, our experts come from a variety of business and technical backgrounds, working diligently to answer enterprises’, SMBs’ and governments’ growing demands. However, they all share one thing in common: a deep understanding and passion for all things SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Who are SharePoint Experts?

SharePoint Experts are SharePoint community leaders who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to helping others get the most out of their SharePoint Analytics experience. They demonstrate exceptional passion, hands-on knowledge, and technical expertise with the CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint communities.

What is a SharePoint Expert Award?

The SharePoint Expert Award is granted to leaders within the SharePoint and CardioLog space, as a way of saying thank you to these independant leaders. Intlock strives to deliver not only a powerful and innovative product to our customers, but also a community of thought leaders and experts who bring valuable insights and knowledge to the table. By collaborating together, we seek to bring the voice of the SharePoint community into our roadmap, as well as to our customers, through direct relationships.

SharePoint Experts Spotlight

Hilton Giesenow

SharePoint Architect & Consultant, Entrepreneur, web professional since 1997.

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Geoff Evelyn

Geoff enjoys over 30 years in Information Technology with over 10 years’ experience in SharePoint

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Knut Relbe-Moe

Microsoft 365 MVP and MCT, SharePoint evangelist, speaker, mentor, Chief Technical architect, working for Knowledge Factory.

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Richard Harbridge

Richard Harbridge is an author and internationally recognized expert in Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Collaboration.

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Bill Ryan

Bill Ryan is a Digital Workplace Architect living in Colorado. Bill is a seasoned technology professional with a passion for crafting business solutions with over 25 years of experience.

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Christian Buckley

Christian Buckley is the Chief Marketing Officer for Beezy Inc. and is based out of Bellevue, Washington.

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Agnes Molnar

Agnes is passionate to help companies optimizing their resources so their employees can find easily the information they need to get their jobs done.

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Joel Oleson

Joel has played a pivotal role in the success of Microsoft SharePoint as the first full time employee hired in IT to deploy and manage what would become SharePoint at Microsoft.

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Asif Rehmani

Asif has been training and consulting on SharePoint technologies since 2002. He is a SharePoint Server MVP and MCT.

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Vlad Catrinescu

Vlad is a SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Consultant specializing in SharePoint and SharePoint Online deployments as well as hybrid scenarios.

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Goran Husman

Göran is a 13-times MVP, focusing on SharePoint, both online and on-premise. He is the author of three books about SharePoint, and one about Exchange.

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Wendy Neal

Wendy Neal is a .NET SharePoint Developer for DMI and a founding partner and community representative for

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