Partner Managed Services



What is the Partner Managed Services Program?

The Partner Managed Services Program enables you as a partner to host a single CardioLog Analytics solution, On-Prem or in the cloud, in order to provide dedicated Microsoft 365 reporting and analytics services for several of your customers. This unique offering is relevant for monitoring Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. You can now take the lead on SharePoint reporting initiatives, standing out as a resource and point of contact for your potential customer’s analytics needs.

Why Partners Managed Services?

By hosting CardioLog Analytics, you can provide Microsoft 365 many reporting and consultancy services to numerous enterprises in order to:

  • Leverage yourself as a partner to have more autonomy- enabling you to freely price your reporting services per each new customer
  • Find out which sites are not being used- add links on the SharePoint home page to valuable sites and/or remove unneeded sites
  • Discover which groups of users don’t use SharePoint (Microsoft 365)- offer additional training for these groups and departments
  • Find out what users are searching for- reduce employees’ waste of time by making the content easier to find and quicker to search for within the portal
  • And more…

How does Partners Managed Services Work?

  • Overview- partners can provide essential analytics reports for numerous enterprises and SMB in parallel, while acting as a close service provider.
  • Solution- the program provides you with the ability to install the CardioLog Analytics solution on-prem, or in the cloud, to provide various tailored Microsoft 365 reports to each customer.
  • Offering- you will become a hub for analytics services, providing essential portal reports and consultancy services for various analytics scenarios. You will have the unique opportunity to become a hub for Microsoft 365 reporting services via analytics matrixes, meters, graphs, charts, and more.
  • Advantages- the solution saves your customer the need to connect and/or operate an analytics solution and invest heavily in resources to train people and maintain the system functions. Your customers will enjoy a comfortable ecosystem, while you can act as a close alliance, providing them with the top Microsoft 365 analytics portal reports.
  • Value- a periodically predefined report will be sent to your customers’ desired distribution list, enabling them to focus on pure portal adoption and user collaboration

CardioLog Analytics - Partners Managed Services


What’s in it for the partner?

  • Minimum Risk – this is a pay-as-you-earn service, offered to partners through a revenue sharing model, which reduces your cost and brings risk to bare minimum. Didn’t earn, didn’t pay.
  • Maximum Profit – the rev share model, enables you to offer the solution to new and existing customers, and yield revenues from a growing analytics demand.
  • Cost Saving – through this service, you are able to reduce license cost already after the second customer, which allows you cover your efforts and rapidly reach a high ROI.
  • Overlay Offering – define analytics reports and requirements in order to measure portal goals and achieve them through consultancy services for existing and new customers.
  • Top Positioning – this unique analytics offering, helps you position your business and solves major market obstacles, such as: user productivity, portal collaboration, and more.
  • Connecting the Dots – this solution offering will assist you to easily engage top business stakeholders and administrators in major organizations, and extend your existing ecosystem.

Interested in joining our Partner Managed Services Program?

Contact us for more information about our Partners Managed Services Program, or to apply for the program.