Sitrion Expert Users Report

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Whenever a new solution is introduced within an organization, there will always be those who adapt easily to the solution, those who don’t adapt by choice, and those who simply don’t know how to use it. When it comes to user adoption, knowledge is vital. If you’re able to pick out those who are adopting to the portal easier than other, you’re already one step ahead. Sitrion has a unique ability to act as a one stop shop for its users, bringing communities together under one large social umbrella.

Even if many users, or even senior management, are registered for the platform, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re using it to their fullest capability. The Expert Users are identified in Sitrion as experts in the platform, and the expert users report will tell you who’s carrying the Sitrion torch in terms of collaboration and outreach. The report tells you the exact names of these experts so you don’t have to play any guessing games regarding who’s influencing the crowd. So find out who your Sitrion Gurus are, it’s as easy as creating a simple report!

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